Saturday 13 March 2010

Free dresses and free delivery >>>only @ Irenelim Fashion!!!

I was googling...netsurfing (actually searching and surveying for some nice dresses) when....
TARAAA..i stumbled upon this site:

Irenelim Fashion...
Irenelim Fashion
The best part is....Irenelim is currently having the promo
"Free dresses and free delivery"!! sounds too good to be true rite? but it's true!! check out the details HERE!!

So what is Irenelim Fashion anyway?
I'm impressed with what I have discovered.....yup....dress...dress...and lots of dresses!!! Other than dressese, there are also blouses, jackets, skirts, pants, shoes, belts-->> all at an affordable price!!

The unique part, which is a kind reward to their customers is every purchase would be given certain points, which when accumulated can be used to redeem the items sold at the site. Lovely!!

I have the pleasure of browsing thru their dresses collection (what else?! :p)....well...I fall in love with a number of dresses!!! here are some of them....

Dual Layer Silky Dress (price RM68.00)

5440 points
34 points 
5760 points
36 points 
List price: RM75.00
Price: RM55.00
You save: RM20.00 (27%)
4400 points
28 points 
Well...I'm thinking of buying some of the dresses soon...see budget first ;)
To all my dear blogger friends, feel free to browse Irenelim Fashion, and don't miss to join the free dresses giveaway!!

-mama zharfan-

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