Friday, 15 November 2019

in-laws big family

we were having big family gathering a.k.a family day at Cameron Highlands from 10-12 Nov 2019..julung2 kali weolls had family day belah mr everyone was so excited..seronok dpt gather beramai2, mengeratkan bonding gitu

mr hubby sides ada 7 beradik including him, but now 2 have passed away, so tinggal 5 beradik jer..and masa event ni, one of the 5 can't join sbb terikat dgn 4 beradik jer yg join (plus one more family dari side arwah abg sulung satu ayah lain ibu)--complicated hahhaha

wajiblah posing2 sbg 1st nite of our stay in CH--MZ pakai bath robe sbb cuaca memang sejuk (hujan gerimis gak mlm tu)

asap tu bkn kabus tp asap sbb weolls tgj buat aktiviti bbq hahahha

free style!!!!

ni mr hubby and 3 of his siblings...from right--mr hubby, kak tie, kak na and ya (youngest)..only 2 daughters//sisters in his family...(which means 5 lelaki 2 perempuan)

ni gmbr masa bbq...ayam, kambing, udg, sorong, ketam, lokcing

all bbq stuff memang bawak all the way dari umah (ie from kelantan)--MZ and family bawak goodie bags jer (ie door gift)..main kuiz sambil mkn2 time bbq tu

more entries and pics later

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Roses from him

I'm always obsessed with roses (or anything that has roses element--perfume, shower gel etc)

so these are roses bought by mr hubby for me when we were in Cameron Highlands last weekend..still fresh until today!!!

potted roses, red and pink! the best part is the price which is a lot  cheaper ..yelah.beli kat CH each pot is RM10 jer...

8 stalks ni costs RM10 jer...lovely and wangiiiiii--tak jumpalong vase so amik jer mana2 bekas yg ada hahaha

really in love with 'em!!

Monday, 11 November 2019

Yuran 2020 | Sek Ren Islam (SRI) Alhuda Gombak

dh dpt pun surat dari sek psl jumlah yuran tahunan yang perlu dibayar..

Ariff will be in standard 5 tahun 2020, so total kena byr RM825+ RM50+ RM20 = RM895
Moga2 murah rezeki my boys utk byr all the yuran2 ni


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