Saturday 31 October 2009


Me joining another contest ;) ...the above contest is organized by stylobubble..
Let's check it out:

syarat utk join contest ni:

1. buat entry khas. boleh letak gambar sape2 je..(anak sendiri ke, anak buah ke, cucu ke...
jnji jgn ank kucing etc ye...hehehe) dgn memakai CD..(mokcik baru ubah..sbb de
yg salah phm )

-->here is my pic entry:
Baby's name : AHMAD ARIFF SHAH
Age : 6 months old

2. sila copy banner di atas dan letakkn di side bar serta link kn ke blog ini. kt entry anda pn msti ada banner ni ye...

3. masukn stylobubble dlm blog list anda...


4. menjadi follower kami..


5. hanya 1 gambar utk 1 baby ..(klu 2 baby..boleh letak sorg 1 gambar..)

6. msti ada link ke tau...

7. sila tglkn link utk entry anda itu ye (kt bhgian komen) ...

tarikh tutup contest: 14 Nov 2009
hadiah menarik menanti anda...nk tau ape dia??kena la sertai contest ni...pemenang akan dipilih oleh si Twins darwishes...

Thanks stylobubble for the contest ;)

Mama Zharfan & Ariff


hohoho....lots of cutest baby contest I'm joining the above contest ;) organized by Eliza in conjunction with her 5th wedding anniversary...

Let's check it out..


1. Terbuka kepada kesemua blogger yang menjadi follower saya secara langsung & tak langsung-- OK

2. Dengan Sukahati dan rela hati menjadi FOLLOWER saya di Blog ini..--DONE

3. Linkkan di blog anda--DONE

4. Sila Add kan Banner Contest di side bar blog memasing...banner tersebut mestilah di link kepada entry contest ini--DONE

5. Sila buat special entry utk contest ini dan upload 1 keping gambar anak uols in blue..tak kisah la pakai baju biru ke, kasut biru ke, as long ada biru - so here is the pic....

6. Sila link kan url blog anda di comment saya ini bagi memudahkan saya melihat pernyertaan anda.--DONE

7. Pemenang akan dipilih oleh juri profesional berdasarkan kecomelan baby dan kualiti gambar serta gambar yg menarik perhatian juri--OK

8. Had umur baby uols :- newborn ~ 5 tahun--OK

9. Oleh sebab ini kali yg ke 5 punye anniversary, so akan ada 5 pemenang ..hadiahnya? tungguuuuu.........-OK

p/s: Jangan lupa tulis nama dan umur baby uols ye

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 6 months old


~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~

My cheque is finally in my hands.....

Last Wednesday I went to
to collect my cheque that I won from J&J Salaman Kasih contest.

Thanks Johnson & Johnson ;) wanna use this money to buy some more stuff (including winter wear) for our preparation for our UK trip soon.

Happy me,
Mama Zharfan


Ometomei is having the above contest..

I wanna join, so let's check out t&c:

3 pemenang akan dipilih mengikut gambar yang menarik dan pendapat kreatif.

Hadiah menarik dan istimewa akan diterima oleh pemenang

Syarat Penyertaan

• Jadi Follower ometomei dan add ometomei dalam bloglist anda -- DONE
• Umur si comel mestilah tidak lebih 2 tahun-- DONE
• Letak banner di sidebar blog anda dengan link ke entri ini-- DONE
• Dalam entri itu, upload satu (1) gambar si comel yang berada di dalam walker
• Ceritakan pendapat anda tentang walker tersebut (baik dan buruk)
Well...the walker in the pic is Sweet Cherry brand
ffordable and's priced at RM99.90, bought at Jusco Setiawangsa (Au2)

ovely design too...with sweet colourful toys

e sana ke mari my lil Ariff in his walker

nhanced mobility, easy to use, and good exercise for my baby ;)

ocker convertible as well...the one in the pic is walker-cum rocker...I know Ariff LOVE it!!!!

• Sila nyatakan nama si comel dan umurnya

My boy's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 6 months old

• Bila dah siap, tinggalkan link entri anda di entri ini.

~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~

Friday 30 October 2009

My fondest video...

This is one of my fondest video collections of my Zharfan...when he was two years old...taken at the park (Taman Metropolitan Kepong)... was specially taken to join a contest (Senyuman Ceria Si Manja JVC/Pa Ma) shot by my younger brother....and it won the Grand Prize ;) JVC Camcorder worth RM2999...
that was in year 2007, just before I left for Nottingham....

such a sweet memory ;)--> it was my first camcorder ever ;)

~Mama Zharfan~

Thursday 29 October 2009

Feeling like having a quick massage...

It's heavenly if I could have a quick massage...rite now...the feeling is just indescribable...:p

Last weekend, when I was doing some groceries shopping @Carrefour Wangsa Maju..I saw this..

not bad for a quick massage ;), the charge is minimal & affordable too...I did try out the massager love it!

My mom & younger brothers - sempat posing2 while having the massage...

and of course me & my mom ;)

~Mama Zharfan~

Monday 26 October 2009

3 reasons why I'm soooo HAPPY today ;)

Sweet Monday...

1) this morning I received a parcel - a big polysterine box...'s my choc from Tasneem Choc<-- the prize that I won from the contest Di Sini Kisah Coklatku Bermula @ Sitisifir's blog...

The taste- if not better, it's equal to famous brand like Cadbury etc...thumbs up Tasneem Choc @

2) another BIG surprise...
I was in front of ATM to withdraw some money when I received a call from a lady--she's from 7-11...
yup, I won first prize in the above contest...(no rezeki yet to win the GP ie the car..)
well...the prize that I won is RM5K Singer Voucher!! <--first thing that I wanna buy/redeem is definitely a 'washing machine', as my old one has been broken down for quite some time..

Anyway, the prize-giving is next week 3rd Nov..

3) In the afternoon, the KFC FB beetle pose & win contest result is out...
Me one of the winners...can't wait to receive my RM200 KFC vouchers soon...
o yes...wanna give some to my nephews and nieces who have been helping with the voting @fb ;)

Alhamdulillah...I do believe that the winnings are all my boys' rezeki...

Grateful, happy me,
Mama Zharfan

Sunday 25 October 2009

My-Giveaway & My Dressing Barn CONTEST GIVEAWAY

I'm joining the above give-away by My-Giveaway & My Dressing Barn...
so as usual, let's check out the rules & t&c:

And the prize will be a Victoria's Secret Cosmetic Pouch worth RM59.90

How to win this??

1. Be a follower of My Dressing Barn at (1 entry)-- DONE!!
2. Be a follower of My-Giveway at (1 entry)-- DONE!!
3. Blog about this contest in your blog. Remember to mention My Dressing Barn & My-Giveaway with links back to each respective site ( 2 entries)-- DONE!!
4. Copy the contest banner into the blog entry with link to the contest (1 entry)-- DONE!!
5. Place the CONTEST banner in your sidebar with link back to the contest entry (1 entry)-- DONE!!
6. Add US on facebook - "My Dressing Barn" and Create a link of this contest in your Facebook (1 entry)-- DONE!! (my FB : Suzi Fadhilah)
7. Visit My Dressing Barn at and tell us your 3 favourite item from their shop. Pls give names of items according to TITLE (3 entries)
1)NWT GUESS Babydoll Dressie Top 2)NWT Victoria's Secret LOVE PINK Heart Ribbons - PINK 3)Victoria's Secret PINK Big Clear Tote Bag
8. Leave a comment on this post (here on My-Giveway) with all that you have done so I can check and give you your entry numbers :)-- DONE!!


That's it !!
10 entries if you do all the above :)
That means 10 chances to WIN !!!

Yes.. the lucky winner will be chosen using

Contest ends till Oct 31st 2009--OK!!

DONE!!! Good luck to me :p

~Mama Zharfan~

My lil munchkin ;)

My Ariff is now able to sit though not so I quickly grab my digicam to snap the pose ;)

Thinking of buying him costume like honey bee or ladybird, so that I can have him posing in that cute animal custom...I remember Zharfan posing in tigger suit when he had his DeOne studio shoot on his first birthday (<--that photoshoot really burnt a hole in Mama's pocket coz I was made to pay about RM350...*sigh*)

~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~

Saturday 24 October 2009 yummyyyy giveaway ;)

Farah is so generous to have the above giveaway!!
Why it is sooo yummy?
Here is the reason...
*me drooling staring at these pics...hohoho

It's a lucky draw, winners would be receiving the above delicacies....
so everybody can join!!

O yes....u love to peep at as the entry is creative, lovely...and i love to see the nice layout too!!

Best of luck to me and all participants!!thanks farah for the giveaway!

~mama zharfan~

Thursday 22 October 2009

Jundeco Stickers Contest

MomBloggers Planet is running the above contest!!
Jundeco Stickers has been very generous to sponsor the prize, so the lucky winner can get the following prizes:

1x First PrizeRM100 worth of stickers

1x Second PrizeRM80 worth of stickers

1x Third PrizeRM60 worth of stickers

-->Jundeco Stickers are self adhesive wall stickers designed to make your home beautiful in a jiffy. The wall stickers are imported from Korea and comes in many great designs. And, they’re so affordable and great alternative for wallpapers!!

I have surfed Jundeco's blog and my fav is:

Thomas the train. Code : TMS58701 (Opaque) Price : RM69.00 from Kids Series

Click here for contest details & t&c.

Thanks Jundeco & Mombloggersplanet!


~mama zharfan~

Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel

Smileykidz photography is having the above contest.

Me wanna here are the pics entry for the contest:

My lil prince's name : Ahmad Zharfan Shah
Age : 4 years old

o yess...the prizes are sooo tempting ..

Pemenang Utama x 1 org:

Outdoor fotografi selama 1 jam

~unlimited shots~

~1 sticky album dengan 20kpg gambar terbaik~


Pemenang sampingan x 2 org:

Voucher fotografi SMILEYKIDZ bernilai RM50

For detailed t&c , pls click here



Mama Zharfan

Rezeki for my boys from Today Publishing

This morning I went to Today Publishing office to collect these...

Pureen baby gift set (Ariff won conso in Stars of Pureen)

Some Fiffy baby stuff -- I love the Scholastic series book ;) (won by Zharfan in Fiffy Happy Holidays also @ @ Parenthood oct '09)

Anyway, last few days, I received this TruDtox stuff, won from InTrend ;)

Note : Happy Birthday to my comper buddy jj! and congrats to Ayu for being one of the winners in Johnson salaman kasih - bestnyer dpt set corelle tu ;)

I feel good,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Finally I found it!

I have been searching high and low for my pic when I was a baby...I remember seeing the pic some time was then kept by my elder sis...

And today, when I was browsing thru MYPICTURE folder @my office pc, I stumbled upon THIS PIC!!! was taken when I was about 6 months old (according to my mom--> so the pic was taken some time in 1976!!!!)...My elder sis was holding me on her lap (we have 12 years gap by the way..she's 3rd child while me is 4th child in my family)...

So here is my hasil keje...comparing me in baby version to my two boys... my eyes, we don't really look seiras hohoho...

~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~

Simple yet sweet..

yup...simple yet sweet birthday celebration..

Last nite, my younger bro had a quick-surprise-last-minute plan bday celebration a@ Pizza Hut Wangsa Maju (next to carrefour wangsa maju) for his wife (EMY)--> my sis-in-law.

We had fun ...enjoying the food ;)
My mom also joined the makan2

The best part is when Pizza Hut staff dimmed the light, turned on the speaker playing song "happy birthday", brought the bday cake(that my bro bought earlierat Cake house) to our table ;)

My Zharfan also gave bday gift to his Cik Emy..

To Emy, Happy 27th Birthday, and may u have a happy, successful life thru out the year, and many2 more years to come!!

~Mama Zharfan~

Saturday 17 October 2009

Bz with KFC fb voting contest

I was bz fishing for votes this contest..

Dunno whether I'd win or not, but hopefully I will be selected as one of the 3 winners for yesterday..

To win RM200 KFC Vouchers is just awesome!!

Thanks to all frens, relatives, emenangites and of course special thanks to JJ ;) for all ur votes!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed now..

~Mama Zharfan~

Thursday 15 October 2009

Happy 6 months...

dear my lil sweetheart,

it has been 6 happy months since u came into mama's life...
happy 6 month birthday my dear Ariff..

Mama always pray that u will grow up healthily, happily, and be showered with blessings and the best of everything thru out ur life...Insya Allah..

mama, papa, ur Bro zharfan love u sooooo much!!!

~15th October 2009~

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Ariff & Zharfan in Parenthood Oct '09!!!

Me so excited to see both of my heroes pics appear on Parenthood Mag (under Today Publishing) October 2009 issue.

Ariff in Stars of Pureen section (one of conso winners..) the pic was taken at Tiara Beach Resort sometime in August this year..

Zharfan in Fiffy Happy Holidays section - the pic was taken at Cameron Highlands early this year (when Ariff was still in Mama's tummy :p)
Thanks Parenthood/Today Publishing!! ;)

Note : To my comper buddies, ayu-congrats for winning jusco vouchers (RM150) in Jacob e-raya card contest, and congratssss to jj for winning the GP in the same contest -->RM2K jusco vouchers <--that's a lot!!!!!!!!!

Smiling & proud mom..
Mama Zharfan & Ariff

Monday 12 October 2009

Winter clothing...

We have started to shop for our winter clothes...for everyone of us...

By the way, so relived and syukur as our visa for all of us have been approved, and flight tix to Stansted Airport London (Air Asia -X) has also been purchased, with bassinet for lil Ariff during the 12 1/2 hr journey...

so we visited a number of shops selling winter clothes in Msia, these are among the famous ones, where we have shopped for our stuff..

and my Zharfan is soo excited to wear and pose in his new clothing...he himself chooses orange colour for his snow cap + sweater ;)

me bought a new winter jacket for me (in pink colour!!!)...belum snap pic plak...but gonna take lots of pics kat Notts nanti ...

~Mama Zharfan & Ariff~


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