Saturday 3 October 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest

MomBloggersPlanet(MBP) is having its October--> monthly round of the cutest baby this months theme is “Cutest Baby in STROLLER”.

Yes, stroller!

Why stroller? Because, MBP would like moms to share their experience in using stroller(s). This could provide very good tips for new moms or existing moms looking for new strollers/buggies

Well….this Cutest Baby Photo Contest lasts until December, with different theme every month. The prizes are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

For the purpose of the contest, here is the details of my baby boy:


Date of birth : 15th April 2009

and here is the pic for the contest..

For this month’s contest requirement, I’ve to write about the STROLLER in the picture & my opinion on using stroller for babies.

The STROLLER (i'd say it's more to BUGGY) in the picture is Anakku Brand. Very light weight, compact in size, has 3 reclining positions, and just nice, suitable for babies like Ariff, even for Ariff's elder brother Zharfan (Zharfan is skinny, so still can fit in the stroller without much problem).

My opinion on using Stroller for babies:

as simple as => 4 S

Smart option, excellent indeed, for parents who doesn't want to carry their babies in the baby carriers or baby-wearing.

Safety comes first, this rule applies for all babies' equipment..What I did before buying a stroller for my baby, I check strollers for stability and see if the stroller will remain upright with a diaper bag hanging over the handles! For a mommy who loves outing and occasional mall trips, a three-point harness (like the Anakku buggy in the pic) is OK. Oh yess, I did check the pinch points and sharp corners, too before deciding to proceed with buying. Oo yes, not to forget to make sure I can fold, unfold and store the stroller easily!

Stylish..hohoho…stylo mommies (like me eh?!) would choose the design + look as important consideration (other than safety)…lots of choices and brands…the imported ones like Quinny Zap, MacLaern, Chicco, Graco for instance would have the ‘eye appeal’, elegance…provided we can afford to buy it! But of course, local brands like Anakku, Sweet Cherry and the like are not bad too!! tahan for few generasi…right from the first child till the youngest ones ..;) how nice ;)



mama zharfan & ariff

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