Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Simple yet sweet..

yup...simple yet sweet birthday celebration..

Last nite, my younger bro had a quick-surprise-last-minute plan bday celebration a@ Pizza Hut Wangsa Maju (next to carrefour wangsa maju) for his wife (EMY)--> my sis-in-law.

We had fun ...enjoying the food ;)
My mom also joined the makan2

The best part is when Pizza Hut staff dimmed the light, turned on the speaker playing song "happy birthday", brought the bday cake(that my bro bought earlierat Cake house) to our table ;)

My Zharfan also gave bday gift to his Cik Emy..

To Emy, Happy 27th Birthday, and may u have a happy, successful life thru out the year, and many2 more years to come!!

~Mama Zharfan~


Nia said...

Sweetnya,..mesti suka birthday girl tu,tapi kalau buat surprise birthday pun best jgk kan? Teringin pulak org buatkan surprise birthday utk kita..huhu..

Mama Zharfan said...

mestilah suka...saper2 yg celebrate bday mesti suka...di raikan pulak oleh yg tersayang...heheh i pun mc u teringin ler ada org buat surprise bday party...tp dlm mimpi ajerlah jwbnyer huhuh


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