Thursday 22 October 2009

Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel

Smileykidz photography is having the above contest.

Me wanna here are the pics entry for the contest:

My lil prince's name : Ahmad Zharfan Shah
Age : 4 years old

o yess...the prizes are sooo tempting ..

Pemenang Utama x 1 org:

Outdoor fotografi selama 1 jam

~unlimited shots~

~1 sticky album dengan 20kpg gambar terbaik~


Pemenang sampingan x 2 org:

Voucher fotografi SMILEYKIDZ bernilai RM50

For detailed t&c , pls click here



Mama Zharfan


@nannoor said...

Salam ziarah dari SMILEYKIDZ.

Terima kasih kerana menyertai ONLINE CONTEST~SENYUMAN CERIA SI COMEL.

Entry anda telah di review.

Good Luck!! :)

SMILEYKIDZ Photography

Mama Zharfan said...

tq ;) semoga ada rezeki for my boy to be one of the winners ;)


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