Saturday, 24 October 2009 yummyyyy giveaway ;)

Farah is so generous to have the above giveaway!!
Why it is sooo yummy?
Here is the reason...
*me drooling staring at these pics...hohoho

It's a lucky draw, winners would be receiving the above delicacies....
so everybody can join!!

O yes....u love to peep at as the entry is creative, lovely...and i love to see the nice layout too!!

Best of luck to me and all participants!!thanks farah for the giveaway!

~mama zharfan~

1 comment:

Farah . 5577 said...

Salam mama zharfan..
thanks for joining n for the lovely comments..much appreciated.
the lucky draw will be closed on the 31 Oct and the result will be announced on the 2 Nov. Do stay tuned yea..

Thanks again. :)
Take care!

ps: kitorg ms first baby dulu nama yg dipilih utk laki, zharfan gak.. hehe.. tp dpt girl..


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