Thursday 31 December 2009

TwoPixels Photography Anniversary Giveaway!!

TwoPixels Photography is having the above Giveaway, which is due today!!

Here is my last minute entry :p

"An Ode to....Why I wish to have a PhotoSession with TwoPixels Photography"

The main reason is to get my family pictures captured by sweet memories fade fast..with TwoPixels they will forever last!
Winning this giveaway is gonna the best new year gift of welcoming 2010 with smile ;)
Obviously I am one classic example of amateur-obsessed photographer (odd but true..huh..). In the past, at present, perhaps in the future??? (unless I sign-up for any pro photography my dreams perhaps hohoho)
Photography, Portraiture Session has always been my passion- ever since I got to know the thing called 'camera' - that was during my primary school...-->old type of Kodak film roll camera lor..
It is one of the best way of having a break from my hectic life being a working and studying Portraiture Session with TwoPixels is the best modern style of "BREAKAWAY"- that's true and fun too!
X-tremely high quality pictures by TwoPixels - envy those pro-photographers like those from TwoPixels... having those skills...carrying DSLR around....sooo nice ;)..seeing is believing!.. can check their awesome works here <--pls click
nticing prize offered by TwoPixels - soooo hard to conjunction with their first anniversary
Love u everything about TwoPixels...your works, your dedication, passion, skills, talents, and LOVE u definitely for generously having the giveaway!!
So now keeping my fingers crossed...hoping and praying to be one of the lucky winners!!!

~Mama Zharfan~

AlmariAdel - New Year Giveaway

Mummy Adel is having the above Giveaway...

Let's check it out:

1. Jadi fOllOwer AlmariAdel + add AlmariAdel kat blOglist u'ols--done
2. Tempek la banner giveaway nie kat sidebar
3. Buat satu entry mengenai giveaway ni yang bertitle, AlmariAdel - New Year Giveaway. Jangan lupa letak pic kat atas tuh, OK~!!--done
4. Tinggalkan link entry u'ols pada bahagian cOmment entry ni--done
5. Closing date : 20.1.2010

Hadiah MISTERI menanti anda!!! Pemenang akan dipilih melalui cabutan yang akan dilakukan oleh DaddyAdel & nama² pemenang akan diumumkan selewat²nya pada 24.1.2010...

Done! ~mama Zharfan~

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Year-End Rezeki --> Me won a bag from Gin&Jacqie!

I had just come back from doing some lil shopping (household items)...and upon checking my emails, I got a good news from MomBloggersPlanet--> YESSSS..I won a bag worth RM99.90 from Gin & Jacqie!!!--I love the colour which is red & the design as well!! (from Tropical series)
o yess...yesterday, my hubby received a call from Johnson & Johnson, that we won Mydin Voucher worth Rm400 in the Mydin-J&J Hari Raya Contest ;)

and my Borders Voucher worth RM100 that I won from magz mychildmalaysia reached me a day before I left for Notts ;)

and also me soooo happy to see my pic and ariff as one of the conso winners in the Parenthood mag Jan 2010 Issue - Stars of Pureen <--managed to buy a copy of this magz when I was still in Msia ;)

Alhamdulillah...for all the rezeki and blessings this whole year...praying for better luck and more rezeki next year ;) Amiin...

note : Congrats Ezz & my buddy comper Cma for winning RM1K cash in J&J jamuan raya no luck in that one..huhuhu

~Mama Zharfan~

Overnite stay @Holiday Inn Express, London Stansted Airport

Upon arrival at the London Stansted Airport, after passing off the immigration clearance, we quickly pushed all our baggage in a trolley to find a way to the shuttle...yup, we would be spending the nite @ the hotel..
OMG, the temperature outside the airport was 6 degree the cold freezing wind...EXTREMELY COLD!!! i was worried that my boys couldn't stand the Ariff was crying a bit, and then he kept on falling asleep in the carrier (I carried her in Bjorn bb carrier) I kept on wkaing him up, coz I'm scared that he might get fainted because of the extreme cold..

we waited for about 10-15 min, and there arrived the shuttle bus (mini bus), which brought us to the hotel.

The check-in process was pretty fast, so we quickly moved into the hotel room (located at first floor)..but it was very2 far from the we got to 'menapak' with all the big bags *sigh*

The hotel is 3-star rating, and overall is ok..the room is small, yet cozy...sweet deco, with one double bed and one sofa bed...o yess, the room is priced GBP 53 per nite ;)

The prob spite of our tiredness, we could not sleep..-->JET LAG!!!oh no...what to gonna take some time for us to ovrecome this thing...

the buffet breakfast is purely English style menu...breads, buns, croissant, cornflakes, milk, hot drinks, yoghurt is all that they had....but we ate heartily, as we gonna spent 4 hours travelling on the bus from Stansted bus terminal to Notts...

Let's layan some of the pics taken...

~Mama Zharfan~

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Flight D72008 Air Asia-X from LCCT to London Stansted Airport

Just wanna share some pics taken during the flight (26th December) departing at 3.50 pm...and the whole journey lasted for 13 1/2 hours...that's pretty long rite...*sigh

luckily, my 2 boys were somehow ok and behaved for the whole journey...Zharfan got few activities to keep him sticker activities with Papa, watching e-dvd player (rented for RM30 - 6 hours)...

Ariff was quite happy in the bassinet..playing with his toys, makan nestum, and of course sleeping ;)
~Mama Zharfan~

Saturday 26 December 2009

Off to Notts...GOOD BYE M'sia...for a while..

This is an auto-entry..

Me & family are leaving for Notts on 26th December 3pm from LCCT to Stansted Airport Londin UK via Air Asia-X...

Would be arriving at Stansted almost would be staying overnite at Holiday Express Hotel near the airport, and the next morning, we would be taking a coach (ie bus) to Notts (that takes another 4 hr journey)...

Not sure when I would be having access to internet, as me need to settle down - to get and move in to a rented house, get the internet line installed, register Zharfan to nursery etc

To all my dear blogger friends, family & relatives pls pray for my smooth journey and happy life in Notts..

Mama Zharfan

Friday 25 December 2009


Me joining the above giveaway cum lucky draw which is organized by Medai Store, which is due today!!

For further info, feel free to check this LINK!!

Attractives prizes await the lucky winners!!! JOM JOIN RAMAI@!!!!!!

Mama Zharfan

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009

Name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
DOB : 15/4/2009

Mom Bloggers Planet is now opening the NOMINATION for another 6 babies so MBP can have a healthy 20 Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 contestants.

so this is my last attempt to have my lil Ariff in :p

Total prizes are 20!! This means all participants of the Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009 will get a prize!! This is something worth trying!!

Nominate your baby NOW!!

Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.

  1. Get the best photo of your baby – ONE picture only!--as above
  2. Insert the photo on TOP of your entry. Mention his/her name and date of birth.--done
  3. Write about this contest with title Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009--done
  4. Include a link to this nomination page in your entry--done
  5. Include a link to MomBloggersPlanet in your entry--done
  6. Put the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 BANNER on your sidebar (where I can clearly see) with LINK to this page--done
  7. Leave a comment here with link to your blog post (permalink)--done

Please note that the below link must be included:

Link to MomBloggersPlanet in entry:

Link to this nomination page in entry and banner:

Here is the banner for the sidebar.

Mama Zharfan

Tuesday 22 December 2009

AWESOME pics from Deep Blue Lense!!!

I went to collect my cd of pics this morning from Emma of Deep Blue Lense...

Upon reaching home, I quickly put the cd into my pc at home...and...
walla!! all the pics are simply of highest quality...very bright, sharp...I love them all!!!

Thanks Emma @ Deep Blue Lense for the lovely opportunity of the photoshoot...
Insya Allah, me wanna hire ur service when we come back from UK end of next year ;)

To all my dear blogger friends...if u wanna have a great, lovely pics of u and ur family spending sweet moments together, don't hesitate to contact Emma @ Deep Blue Lense yer...the bonus part is, their package is very2 much AFFORDABLE ['outrages']...currently priced at as low as RM50 per session...NICE!!!

Thanks Emma for the all the gorgeous pictures!! its gonna be part of the sweet things for me to bring to UK...nanti bila rindu kat Msia bolehlah tengok2 pics ni :p

o yess...I have uploaded the pics into my PICASAWEB..feel free to have a peek..

and here are some of the pics for cuci-cuci mata ;)

~smiling ear to ear~
Mama Zharfan~

Baby & Nature Sugarissa Contest

Sugarissa is having the above contest.
Feel free to join yer!!!

Let's check it out:

To take part you will need to:

1. Be a Sugarissa Follower! You will automatically become a Sugarissa member if you are a follower. --done!

2. Upload a picture of your little one (aged 0-6 years old at the time) outdoors with animals/trees/seaside (you got the idea). It can be a picture of a child, with mummy/daddy or with the whole family. No edited version.

So here is my pic entry..

Pic Title : My Two Lil Heroes posing sakan kat taman ..gaya ala2 model kecik :p Children's name : Ahmad Zharfan Shah (4 years old) and Ahmad Ariff Shah (8 months old)

3. Give a creative title to the photo and write down your child name. One entry per person.--done!

4. In your entry, please include a link back to this giveaway entry. Invite Everyone to join!--done!

5. Please insert the contest logo at your sidebar with a link back to this entry as well.--done!

6. Once everything done, leave your comment here with a link back to your entry and include your email.


~Mama Zharfan~

Lady In Red Giveaway

Firahadifa is having the above giveaway.

Let's check it out:

1. Buat entry bertajuk Lady In Red Giveaway--done

2. Buat entry Pasal Giveaway nie and upload gamba yg nk dipertandingkan. Cuma 1 gamba jer taw...

Here is my pic entry...

3. Be my Follower . nie wajib , senang kalau ade ape2 update .. and jgn lupa add me dalam bloglist anda--done

4 . Letakkan banner kat entry ngan side bar berserta linknya sekali--done

5. Jangan lupa Mention about the contest in your entry with links back to this entry--done

rase senang je kot giveaway nie...

Contest bermula hari nie sehingga 9 January 2010 , esoknya 10 Jan 2010, keputusan akan diumumkan...

Pemenang akan dipilih oleh si penggantin sendiri... berdasarkan 3 ketegori

1. ketegori paling menyerlah

2. kategori paling sweet

3. kategori paling menarik

lagi ramai yg join , hadiah saguhati mungkin dipertimbangkan..


~Mama Zharfan~

Ariff is the LUCKY WINNER - Aksi Ceria Si Comel Bersama Stereng ;)

I was away for the whole morning today...
in the afternoon, upon checking my blog, I saw Ryn's message in my shoutbox...that Ariff is one of the 3 LUCKY winners for the contest AKSI CERIA SI COMEL BERSAMA STERENG!!

Thanks Adam (Ryn's lil prince) for choosing Ariff's lucky number - to be one of the winners!!!

Sooo happy...always happy whenever my baby wins something ;) Alhamdulillah
Congrats my lil cutie pie ;)
Mama loves u sooo much...and the love grows bigger and stronger day by day...

feel blessed,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff

Sunday 20 December 2009

Some pleasant winnings...before flying off ;)

Alhamdulillah...I won some lovely prizes this week...rezeki for me & kids....just before I fly off next weekend...

1) Me won Fisher Price Baby Booster Seat worth RM 199.90 plus 7 boxes of Nestum Gold (oat prunes) worth RM 50, from a contest in Mami Baby Magz (Today Publishing ) issue Sept '09. Feeling sooo happy and blessed...coz not easy to win from this magz -many readers and compers nowadays :p (me among the 12 lucky winners)..

2) Me won a Sweet Cherry baby potty cum stepper, also from Today Publishing ;)

3) and another lil winning from GSC online contest - won lil prizes of backpack + 2 movie tixs (dunno got time to watch movie or not), coz now very bz with final prep to UK...

Feeling blessed,
~Mama Zharfan~


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