Thursday 31 December 2009

TwoPixels Photography Anniversary Giveaway!!

TwoPixels Photography is having the above Giveaway, which is due today!!

Here is my last minute entry :p

"An Ode to....Why I wish to have a PhotoSession with TwoPixels Photography"

The main reason is to get my family pictures captured by sweet memories fade fast..with TwoPixels they will forever last!
Winning this giveaway is gonna the best new year gift of welcoming 2010 with smile ;)
Obviously I am one classic example of amateur-obsessed photographer (odd but true..huh..). In the past, at present, perhaps in the future??? (unless I sign-up for any pro photography my dreams perhaps hohoho)
Photography, Portraiture Session has always been my passion- ever since I got to know the thing called 'camera' - that was during my primary school...-->old type of Kodak film roll camera lor..
It is one of the best way of having a break from my hectic life being a working and studying Portraiture Session with TwoPixels is the best modern style of "BREAKAWAY"- that's true and fun too!
X-tremely high quality pictures by TwoPixels - envy those pro-photographers like those from TwoPixels... having those skills...carrying DSLR around....sooo nice ;)..seeing is believing!.. can check their awesome works here <--pls click
nticing prize offered by TwoPixels - soooo hard to conjunction with their first anniversary
Love u everything about TwoPixels...your works, your dedication, passion, skills, talents, and LOVE u definitely for generously having the giveaway!!
So now keeping my fingers crossed...hoping and praying to be one of the lucky winners!!!

~Mama Zharfan~

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