Wednesday 30 December 2009

Year-End Rezeki --> Me won a bag from Gin&Jacqie!

I had just come back from doing some lil shopping (household items)...and upon checking my emails, I got a good news from MomBloggersPlanet--> YESSSS..I won a bag worth RM99.90 from Gin & Jacqie!!!--I love the colour which is red & the design as well!! (from Tropical series)
o yess...yesterday, my hubby received a call from Johnson & Johnson, that we won Mydin Voucher worth Rm400 in the Mydin-J&J Hari Raya Contest ;)

and my Borders Voucher worth RM100 that I won from magz mychildmalaysia reached me a day before I left for Notts ;)

and also me soooo happy to see my pic and ariff as one of the conso winners in the Parenthood mag Jan 2010 Issue - Stars of Pureen <--managed to buy a copy of this magz when I was still in Msia ;)

Alhamdulillah...for all the rezeki and blessings this whole year...praying for better luck and more rezeki next year ;) Amiin...

note : Congrats Ezz & my buddy comper Cma for winning RM1K cash in J&J jamuan raya no luck in that one..huhuhu

~Mama Zharfan~


Ezna Khalili said...

owhhh cma pun menang ye...hihihi....:) Thanks suzz!!!!

Mama Zharfan said...

ezz : bestnyer dpt RM1k for new year tu!!!


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