Sunday 14 March 2010

“Kenapa saya suka menulis blog?”

Why do you blog ? The question is up there with - Why do you breath, and love, and want, and need. - Hello little BIRD ? Why do you FLY ???

Well...the reason I'm blogging? Uhhh, that's kinda difficult.... I do it just because I LIKE it!

After all, reading and writing have always been my passions...but I did start blogging for the first time to express my loneliness and emptiness for being away from my family (I was abroad when I started writing first time for my blog ..that was end of year 2007)

Now the reasons change..

NO-NO-NO!!!, not for the above reason yer (rite now dunno how to make money from blogging yet...)

Now I blog for the following reasons:
1) as a personal journal of my life, so I can look back one day and see all the things I did with my life and the people that I loved thru out my life..
2) I do make friends who shares some common interests via blogging(eg mommy bloggers like me)...and it's sooo nice when we have blogger gathering in real world ;)
3)I do love joining blog-based contest/giveaways! and it really cheers me up (plus rewarding too)whenever I win the contest or giveaway from blog-sphere!
And I'm writing this entry for the purpose of this I LOVE LONDON CONTEST organized by HEYANAKJAWA.BLOGSPOT.COM [contest runs till 24th March]

In short, blogging add spices and sweetener to my everyday life!!

Happy blogging!!

-mama Zharfan-


niny said...

thanks mama zhafran! sgt best okay ur entry. wah, duduk kat notts dah brpe lame? i belum bkesempatan pg notts game lg. insya-Allah kite tgk entry spe yg bertuah n menarik nnt ye ^___^

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks niny sbb sudi baca my entry ;)
ada chance menang tak :P

i dtg notts 2nd time ni..dulu thn 2007 pun dh dtg sekali selama 6 months ;0 i'm under split phd, so sekejap kat notts, sekejap kat msia ;)

niny said...

hye mama zharfan! kalau ikot list, sbnrnye MZ brada di tmpat kedua. sbb ur entry mmg best jugak! serius. mgkin x de rezeki MZ, mane tahu lain kali kan? ^_^


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