Saturday, 21 March 2009

Traveling with ur lil ones is now much convenient with Lil Caliph!

Another entry from me about Lil Caliph (5th entry to be exact ) :p

Being an avid, keen traveler myself..I have a lot to share..

One of the most important stuff is the preparation ie things to bring along in order to have a smooth journey and wonderful trip..

When I was single, nothing much to worry, other than clothes and camera...
but the moment I entered the world of motherhood, things to pack for travelling doubles up, in fact the luggage/bag becomes triple in weight!!

Zillion of thanks to the LilCaliph Online Store, for making traveling a lot easier...with so much items available for those traveling with babies and kids...

Let's check out what the Lil Caliph has!!!

This innovation has never failed to impress me..
Remote Control Roller Shade

And for my lil ones is the item
Seat Belt Adjuster

To make the whole jouney/ride fun, and to say bye2 to tantrum, thanks God for this cute item
In fact, my boy has a pile of toys in our car...just to keep him entertained all the way..

The other best part is, The Lil Caliph also offers kidz sunglasses, such as..
Kidz Banz sunglass.

and it comes in the lovely case
Kidz Banz Sunglass Case in Blue Train

And being the mommy cum driver, it's a bless to have this..
Flip-Down Childview Mirror!

Guess why I choose to make an entry on traveling...
Simply because the holiday packages offered by the Lil Caliph in their New Year 2009 Contest!! I simply can't stop thinking about it!! and dreaming of going to these places too...Insya Allah, who knows there's luck and rezeki for me to be one of the winners...Ameen..

Taking about the prizes, ALL of them are really2 tempting...Heyyy...who doesn't want to win such a fantastic holiday anyway??!!

the GRAND PRIZE is a 4D3N vacation to PHUKET-the Pearl of Paradise

OR BALI- perfect escapades for honeymooners

And 2 more bloggers shall win a vacation for a 3D2N to LANGKAWI - the jewel of Kedah, OR
REDANG - the paradise for snorkellers and scuba divers<

TIOMAN ISLAND - the glittering jewel amidst the South China Sea

Well, if I were to choose among all these marvellous location, Langkawi would be the first in my list - for my second honeymoon..hopefully...

The due date is fast approaching (31st March '09), so all bloggers and friends, quick, make entries before it ends!!!

To the Lil Caliph, a heartful gratitude for organizing the contest, and best of luck with your online biz! Soooo proud to have a local businesswoman in this competitive online shopping realm!! To all mommies, friends, give your support by being the customers, and do join the contest too!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.05 am
home sweet home

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