Friday, 6 March 2009

Cool Prizes from BubbleeBizz!

Yesterday morning I received two separate calls from BubbleeBizz mag, informing me that I have won Garnier products and Gillette products. So I have to collect those prizes from their office at Mid Valley. The funny part is (annoying for the caller who called me), I was blur and couldn't recall of such mag ie BubbleeBizz, while the first caller kept on insisting that I won from the contest in their magz!!! I quickly searched for my bookmarked website...then only I remembered that I have entered their contest online ie at their website!!! - The truth is, I was not aware of their published, printed magz (pity me...)

So I told the caller that I would be collecting my prizes on Friday morning (ie today)...I was thrilled as I won 2 prizes from them ;)

So this morning, despite the fact that I was not feeling well (got lil fever), I went to Mid Valley, to be exact the NorthPoint Office building to collect the prizes.

Yeyyy!! Nice prizes!!! I got the Garnier products worth RM350 (full set!!) and also Gillette products worth RM60 <--this one for my hubby obviously!).

On top of that, the BubbleeBizz staff was so friendly, and kind enough to give me additional goodies ie a plastic of chocs + 1 big packet of Lipton instant teh susu!!

The staff also asked me to join their contest in their next issue of mag (the 3rd issue apparently)!!!!! which is coming up end of this month. That explains why I'm not aware of this free's still new on market!! And I would definitely join their contest again (using proxy perhaps;) since all the prizes are nice and lovely.Who knows I might be lucky again - the unique part of their contest is, it is 5-word-slogan-based!

The first issue of their printed free magz!

This is their 2nd issue ie the latest one, from which I won the contests (but I entered online)

I left their office smiling all the way to the carpark, with full hands carrying the prizes (forgetting a while about my fever)!
THANKS A BUNCH BUBBLEEBIZZ!!!!! A great start for March, hopefully & prayfully. Amiin..

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.45 pm
home sweet home

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