Thursday 26 March 2009

The Lil Caliph Online Store – Some latest updates & exciting activities

I guess this is my last entry for the Lil Caliph Online Store – obviously for the reason of competing for the contest “ Blog Your Way To win 4D/3N Holidays From The!”

Heyy…its easy to post an entry or even a number of entries, no doubt about that... but..... the determining factor to the winning blog is judged based on the most creative way of promoting on the blog…which is not THAT EASY THOUGH….

I have been a regular reader, visitor to the Lil Caliph Online Store (& one of their happy customers too!!), and the latest update is that, they are organizing a mommy-baby exciting event!! It is “Bumps and Mums Weekend”

“In conjunction with the coming Bumps and Mums Weekend at Bangsar Village on the 4th April 2009, LilCaliph need a few mothers to volunteer to babywear their babies/toddlers on Hotslings in the Babywearing Show. The show will starts at 2pm.
Interested mothers who are used to babywearing and comfortable doing it please email Lil Caliph at ( possibly before 23rd March 2009) Lil Caliph welcome anyone especially those who have purchase Hotslings from them. They will even loan their pouches on that day so no worries if you haven’t had one.”

Sounds sooo interesting & tempting for mommies who intend to visit & be part of the event!!
So dear mommies & friends, please block your calendar for 4th April yer…I’d definitely attend it if I’m still in Kl by that time…(my tummy is like a balloon now…just waiting for the right time….)

Before I end my entry, once again, my heartiest gratitude to the Lil Caliph (TLC) for organizing the contest, which is due sooon in few days time (31st March)!! My continuous, full support & good wishes are always with u, so all the best to Molina (the owner of Lil Caliph)…so proud to have a bizwomen in this competitive online biz realm! (this one is an honest & sincere remark…not ‘bodek2’ one …)

“Famous logo signifies customer care,
With guaranteed delivery everywhere,
Mother-baby stuff in modern style, TLC wins by a mile,
With quality so high, it’s my favourite buy!”

Well, it goes without saying that all mommies bloggers who have joined the contest would have the highest hope & dream to be one of the winners…so am I!!!!!…hopefully & prayfully there’s rezeki for me to shine in the winners’ list, so that I could share the winning prize with my dear ones (hubby, my boy & my lil baby in tummy who’s expected to be with us middle of next month!!) Insya Allah, Ameen…

Now…dreaming of winning – I come...
“Tropical paradise, plenty to do,
Glorious destination, dream comes true!”
Oh island in the sun,

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.20 pm
Home sweet home

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