Wednesday 30 June 2010

My Cute Cloth Diapers Contest

me joining the above contest, due 4th july.

details click HERE!!

here is my pic entry ....on how i keep/arrange my lil ariff's cloth diapers... a lovely pinky floral box!!! 
so far my lil ariff ada 11 pcs jer collection CD nya in various colors, so kalau dpt menang contest ni, cukuplah sedozen CD ariff..harap2 ada rezeki :)

kotak ni for deco jugak, me suka English style deco2, so simpan CD sambil deco2 bilik :) ni kat bwh pic hiasan yer, not for contest entry :)


AngahSayang2314 said...

kalau almari tue di cat pasti cantik

Cikgi Diva :-) said...

salam ziarah tuan english style likeeee sgt...good luck yer...psst...kalau menang nombor, nak kena anto ke nun obesea ke?huhu...

Cikgi Diva :-) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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