Thursday 3 June 2010

Being a mom with a lil baby in UK is lovely...

Being a developed country, UK gives lots of benefits to their residents who, are entitled to it (like those disabled, senior citizens, single parents, those unemployed etc)...
and Alhamdulillah, me and family is entitled to free medical service under National Health Service (NHS), which means that me got medical treatment & medicines for free...this medical stuff is pretty expensive if me not entitled to this benefit...and me have been using this free service ever since me & family arrived here..

This morning, me brought my lil Ariff for heatlh review by the health visitor (mcm nurse lah kat Msia) at Mary Potter Medical Centre, which is just 5 min drive away from our home..
kena review/check coz Ariff has just turned one year dh Ariff weighs 9.72 kg, and his height is 72 cm :)

 ni latest pic of Ariff...tu mulut penuh- tgh chewing/mkn epal, tak leh smile bila Mama suruh pose nak snap pic :p

the best part, both Ariff & Zharfan dpt free goodies like toothbrush, toothpaste, sippy cup, and dpt jugak free books under scheme Book Start (ni mcm subsidi buku), so kids akan dpt free book depending on their nice :)

o yess, the weather is hot, sunny like it!!! sukanya summer :) :)

tomorrow me plan to bring my kids for teddy bear picnic at Sure Start Centre ie kids development unit under Mary Potter Health Centre :) me nak bwk my disney pooh yg me menang the other day, sbb my boys mana ada teddy bear of their own :p


Ezna Khalili said...

Wahhh bestnyer UK.....:-)

tiefazatie said...

best plak duk sana..=)

BUNGA said...

saya pun nk g sure start. tp ari isnin nnti. esok plak ada appointment ngan doc..uish.. bulan ni bnyk kali tul pergi marry potter ni :)

Oyis said...

apsal tempat kita xde kasi berus gigi and ubat gigi tu? buku2 sure start ada la. ke dia hanya kasi after 2 tahun? we have an appointment for aisyah utk 3 mggu lg, that's after her 3rd bday. x tau la kalo masa tu dia bg berus tu.

tp setahu kita kn, x de la xtvt sure start mcm picnic etc tu. jelesnya!

yana said...

thx 4 d visit..
bestnya u kt uk..
they are so dedicated to provide
kids with great reading materials.

Mama Zharfan said...

@Ezz : best dk cni :) new experience :)

@tiefazatie : yup yup best jugak sbb byk kelainan dari msia

@Bunga : me ada musim2 asyik dok bertandang ke mary potter ajer :)

@Oyis : tak tau la plak...tgk stok kot :) my boy yg sulung tu memang rajin berus gigi :) so jimat kos dpt benda free :)

@rozana : thanks sudi singgah sini:) yup, u are rite...they have all the financial abilities to do so...negara maju kan..

Rizziela said...

Bestnya ada kat UK..saya di Malaysia

aimi said...

beshnya :) ariff nmpk cm zharfan sgt2 pic ni...ingatkan zharfan mula tu :)

isabelle said...

mcmana nak berangan sakan kat UK nih? proposal apa pun x buat lagi.huhu


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