Thursday 17 June 2010

Comping talk : How do we enhance our comping skills?

Me  not a pro-comper...ikan-bilis comper ajer pun...but me never discourage to enhance some of my comping skills...

as a matter of fact, there are mushrooming blog based contests lately, with awesome prizes offered if the sponsor is big2 companies like Nuffnang...

so if u ll notice...Sloggi contest winners have been announced...via email...and i did spend some time to blog hop to the winners blog...bestnya menang cash RM2 k tu..

all main prizes winners are chinese, and conso winners ada la 2-3 kerat malay...well, in comping arena kat msia ni, based on my observation, ramai pro-compers from chinese,even Indian... i guess may be coz they all more expert in English-slogan stuff (but I do know there are also pro comper Malay, tp very lil in number)

so take time to check the winning entries yer..
my observation - to come out with a unique, creative entry, other than content-wise, u got to have 'doodle' skill, which is a plus factor...coz not many bloggers have this skill (me memang zero skills la in doodle-drawing stuff ni- pity me..) wansteddy should maximize her doodle skills then :p

ni cth doodle from mr google... best kan kalau me dpt lukis mcm ni..

tak percaya...go and blog hop at those winners' blog ;)

ni my copy paste email from nuffnang :
"After the long wait, we're now glad to announce the results of the contest! The 5 bloggers who'll walk away with the grand prize of RM 2000 cash + Sloggi products worth RM 135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM 50 are:

1. Chin Hui Ying (
2. Chong Chee Ching (
3. Jenthi A/P Krishna Radha (
4. Su Ting (
5. Wee Yin San (

It's not over, Sloggi is also generously giving away 20 consolation prizes, and the 20 bloggers who win Origins products worth RM250 + Sloggi products worth RM135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM50 are:

1. Ang Mei Hwa (
2. Carmen Khor (
3. Chua Yi Ling (
4. Goh Sue Lynn (
5. Hanie Kuar Han Ling (
6. Keow Pei Li (
7. Lee Ting (
8. Liew Demie (
9. Lim Shin Yee (
10. Lim Yen Ching (
11. Ling Shu Wen (
12. Maslinda Binti Abdul Rahman (
13. Nor Iman Bin Nazuki (
14. Nor Rosmini Binti Ibrahim (
15. Samuel Chew Jianjian (
16. Siti Farah Kamarudin (
17. Tan Yin Fung (
18. Teng Suwen (
19. Wan Faziatul Amira Binti Wan Mohd Salleh (
20. Yvonne Yong Yi Ling (  "


Sheherazade said...

never thought about this,my English also not that good huhu

Nia said...

saya pun terperasan jgk. malay sgt kurang yg menang contest2 mcm tu.

mr.s mi-G said... also not so creative nak draw macam tuh..hehe..

Unknown said...

salam..memang akak setuju...sekarang yang menang semua orang cina...akak rasa dah malas dah nak masuk contest..menciiiii..

maslinamansor said...

english mas still lagi ke laut...

Nur Sakinah Ahmad said...

but credit shud be given 2u2 coz u oso work hard to win contest/ givaway dlm blog n outside blog. sbnrnya, org kita(sy la tu)suka msk 'suka2'. bl org len menang sbb kreatif, iri plak. but they deserved what..just like u! sy kagum/tabik spring la!!!keep it up..bangga ow bila yg menang terselit sorang dua malay :)

CaDLyNN said...

Ye la..kagum tengok creativity diorang..

kak suzie..akak menang MOMMY AIN'S 1st in 26yrs GIVEAWAY ...


beba said...

saya rajin tengok yg menang 1st place jek..hehe..mmg best entry dier..

but note at the bottom of her entry..all the pictures was actually edited from natalie whatwasit..

maknanya as long as you have the ability to edit stuffs kira ok dah..hehee..the creativity and way with words yang buat entry dier menarik..but of course the doodles really help to spice up the entry.. :D

my opinion jek..since I'm also not a good writer..hehe..that why tak masuk contest gitu..hehe..

beba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suziey Ahmad said...

aah btl be creative kena ade x-factor:)

Wan Amira said...

i setuju ngan u, but to learn which gonna takes some time for me sebab dah berkarat, I prefer to go with the ideas, toying along with the creative ideas on my writing..

atreyu strange said...

The organizers have made it pretty clear in many occasions that they DON'T discriminate by language.

Here's some tips: Put your thinking cap on. Go creative. Explore different ways to express yourself in a contest entry. Not the same, LAME writing that you do on daily basis. Play around with words. If you wanna win, make it different from all your other posts. Make that contest entry STAND OUT.

BTW, "all main prizes winners are chinese" - Did you miss my name? Because the last time I checked, I'm not a Chinese.

Thanks for the link and stay out of trouble! Chillax~

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks guys for all ur comments and response :) really appreciate that!!

to atreyu strange : thanks for your contribution and observation too..dun get me wrong, i'm not saying that the organizers are discriminating in selecting winners, but i'm talking about the language factor, which is at average, non-Malays (like Chinese and Indian) are better in terms of command..of course there are many Malays with good command of English language around(and may be they are not compers)..

my apology for slight inaccuracy in saying'all main prize winners are chinse..' - it should read, all main prize-winners are non-Malays (ie Chinese and Indian) :) thanks for pointing that out!!

atreyu strange said...

Don't get me wrong either. If we can't win something, chances are we have weaknesses or we made an error in judgement (i.e. underestimating the other contestants). I'm just annoyed that some people (not you though) very quickly finds the blame in the system or others instead of oneself. But it is also a relief to find someone like you who rather than start bashing the winners for being whatever 'color' they are, you try to understand what they did.

Good on you.

Wansteddy Tales said...

doodle bkn faktor k.suziey. Wan dah join n create bnyk doodle entry tapi yg menangnya... zero. ada xada pn photo manipulate. syarat dah kata malay english diterima. pada wan, xpatut dorg select pemenang dengan BI semata. Skrg ni mmg payah wan nk join contest create entry dlm blog. dah malas sbnrnya. lagi satu, rasa xberbaloi perah otak berminggu2 habuk pn xdpt. ini cuma luahan separa kecewa je k.suziey. next hati terubat, contest pn besh, insya'allah wan join balik. smgt je yg kureng blog2 cntest skrg hahaha... lagipun design wan bnyk nk kena improve lagi huhu


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