Sunday 20 June 2010

Too lazy or too bz to print out your treasured memories? Thanks God - there's EOE!!!

I know all bloggers love taking photos..and I'm sure some of the photos are worth treasured in a hardcopy's nice to view, to actually touch the pics in photo album, for flipping thru these photos is totally an indescribable good feeling...

I know most of us (me no exception) are most of the times very2 bz, too occupied to drop by to photo studio to print out our precious photos...but...say good bye to the word LAZY or MALAS..or no time to do that bla bla bla....
why why why?
coz now we have EOE!!!--the e-printing option at our a matter of few mouse clicks and VOILA...the printing order is done!!! we just wait for the courier boy to knock on our door in 2-3 days time, with our ordered printed pics!!

The above statements are all based on my personal experience in ordering printing pics from EOE...and I'm one of their happy customers!!!

so what's new at EOE??

for me...I love EOE due to following reasons:

  • very easy to intal super friendly software (for printing pics order)- in fact there are 3 options to choose from (me using the 1st option ie Photo Express Software).. click HERE!
  • very affordable (in fact cheap!!) cost - check out their outrageous prices here!
  • free delivery for order above RM35 :)
  • very fast, efficient service - i received my order in 2 days time (at average) - so far I have been using EOE service 3 times!
  • lovely cool website - click HERE!
    --it makes me smiling the  whole day to see my Zharfan's pic featured on EOE header!! this pic is one of my fav pics out of thousand of pics of my Zharfan, and the pic has 'ong' too (me won quite a number of contests using this pic ;)
  • the blogger review program which is very2 attractive and still on-going - i've joined this one - click my previous entry HERE..and HERE!
  • and this posting is meant for 2nd round review program :)--this round EOE is generously giving out 2 X 8R photo prints plus pic frame..FREE!!

to know is to love!! wait no more...feel free to browse EOE..for a wonderful e-photo printing experience plus other add-on services too!!

a happy EOE customer,

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e.l.i.z.@ said...

eh very useful la EOE ni..senang la mcm tu kan..xyah susah² nk hantar kedai.....nnt boleh la print kt EOE jgk..thanx for the info! dh bookmarked EOE =)


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