Friday 21 May 2010

Does make-up really enhance our look?

The answer is somehow yes :) (at least I do think so) look pale without basic make-up like face powder and pastel colour lipstick...these are the two MUST to be applied when I go out- kdg2 kat dlm umah pun me pakai bedak +lipstick...coz that makes me feel good...and utk hubby jugak kan...tak delah nampak me pucat or mcm tak mandi pagi ajer :p

anyway, talking about make-up, of course in Islam excessive make-up is HARAM , like those women in jahilliyah (uncivilized) period...

so where did make-up originate? the 1st thing that crosses my mind is cleopatra :)

The origin of make-up dates back to 3100 BC, during the 1st Egyptian Dynasty. Unguent, a substance used to prevent the skin from drying up due to heat and to avoid wrinkles, was extensively used by people of both genders during that era. The women of Egypt were known to apply kohl to their eyes to give them a smoky look. Antimony or soot was usually used to make kohl.

what prompted me to post entry on make-up actually? coz i was buying a pressed face powder yesterday @Boots Pharmacy, coz the one that I'm currently using is about to finish (me pakai brand Silky Girl ajer)...
so of course tak de Silky Girl here mana nak cari kat UK ni weii, so me bought the one named 'No 7'...sounds funny, sbb cosmetics nama mcm tu...emmm...harap2 oklah bila me pakai kulit normal, so usually any brand is OK...

lipstick me pakai brand follow me sbb tak suka brand lain biasanya ada mcm aroma/bau, me dh cuba mcm2 brand dari yg murah sampailah yg mahal tp still suka kat brand follow me ajer...setia betul me pd brand ni......the amusing part is, lipstick brand follow me kalau kat KL mcm susah giller nak kat supermarket the Store KB ada jer jual brand ni :)

me kat msia tak suka pakai moisturizer sbb me oily sikit jugak, but here, WAJIB pakai moisturizer sbb my facial skin jd kering and menggelupas...sbb cuaca sejuk and kering here..

and me masa bujang suka pakai mascara, tp bila dh kawin beranak pinak ni, mcm malas pulak, tp kalau special event me mesti pakai la :p and not to forget me memang suka pakai blusher kaler pink pastel brand antara yg wajib pakai selain bedak+lipstick...sbb rasa mcm best jer pakai blusher makes me presentable..that's how i feel :)

coming back to the title of this the answer is affirmatively YES!!!

ni pic me 1st time di make-up kan oleh make-up artis TV3 sbb masuk rancangan WHI segmen mandi susu Johnson & Johnson bersama Anita Baharum duta milkbath zmn tu citer thn 2008 memang feel good lah kalau make-up yg kena dgn our face..

and ni my pic masa join Mommy make-up sendiri jer..:p ni thn 2006, so ni pic 4 years back...nampak muda or sama jer mcm now? emmm...tlg jwb for me kalau rajin :p


munira said...

me rasa muka berseri-seri tu bukan sebab make up laaa..
sebab menang contest and masuk tv!*off cos bersi kan?*
errrr ternampak gambar u kat majalah pa&ma june 2010.
ruangan mama& baby!

Aleyn said...

Amboi glamour u yer

Unknown said...

kakyong dulu pun guna silky girl..
masa kerja dulu la

la ni dah 24 jam di rumah, just pakai pelembap jer.. tu pun kdg pakai kdg tidak..

pada kakyong lah, without makeup is much better.. withput make-up tu = no faundation/blusher/lipstik bagai..

as long hati hepi, pasti muka berseri2...

btw, i tak nafikan, bila bermake-up u look presentable.. yer lah kalo dah kerja & perlu buat presentation/jumpa client.. light make up will do.. as long jgn nampak pucat... nanti org tak respect kita pulak..

isabelle said...

setuju dgn munira- gmbr last tu muka berseri sbb excited kot.hehe.
anyway, rasanya muka skrg nmpk lebih matang.matang, bukan lebih tua.

Mama Zharfan said...

@ munira : yup yup betul jugak excited terlebih :p
my pic dlm pa ma yer..:) dh sethn hantar pic tu ;)

@ Aleyn : sikit2 jer...just nak rasa new and different experience :)

Kak Yong : tq for sharing :) can't agree more :) :)

belle : tq for the comforting words :)


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