Thursday 6 May 2010

" Hadiah Birthday Untuk Alisya"

First of all, i wanna wish Happy 1st Bday to cute, adorable Alisya...may u grow up healthily, smart, active and be showered with blessings and love..for many more years to come

So what's the best birthday present for you dear?

Here are my proposed bday gifts for you...for FUN, EDUCATIONAL & FUTURE LIFE, all are equally important, and of course affordable, and they are based on my own experience being a mommy of 2 kids :)

for FUN, the perfect bday present would be this thing...

Baby Activity Pool Pink - an ideal first pool with sunshade and 3 inflatable rings to play with. great for splashing around in the garden, or for filling with playballs for indoor play.
retail price : RM 109.00, available at Mothercare

why?? coz kaler pink, sesuai utk girl like Alisya, and she likes water kan, so can have fun anytime, main air, or even boleh main balls...boleh main kat dlm rumah or even kat luar rumah, sbb ada sunshade!! and trustworthy brand + affordable!!!
o yess, my boy ada benda ni kat rumah...they love it sooo much!! tp bukan brand mothercare :p

for EDUCATIONAL purpose, i'd love to suggest two items, first..

LEARNING this one...4 fun modes to help your child's letter, number and sound recognition. with carry handle. retail price RM 149.00. brand mothercare, ni cth ajer, any other brand is ok

why??it's just the right time to introduce numbers and letters to fun way...simple yet fun...just rite for alisya
i memang bg hadiah benda ni kat my elder boy masa his first bday, and guess what, it still lasts, in great condition until today (now he's 5 years old) i beli brand apa ntah, kat toys r us, harga RM60 ;)


Baby Einstein dvd set..ada jual kat planete enfant, mothercare, even online site.
i memang ada set ni kat rumah, utk my baby...and i memang puas hati sgt2 to see my baby having fun watching the dvd, and at the same time learn about colours, numbers, shapes etc..the dvd is created to stimulate baby's senses and developmental learning, via interactive way...

lastly, for FUTURE, the best gift is none other than SAVINGS ACCOUNT for alisya...
boleh bukak yippie account (Maybank) or Nuri (Bank Rakyat)...can read for further info in my previous entry HERE!

now nak kena tag 3 frens..
i nak tag:
zai kulim
puan bunga

entry yang paling saya gemari di adalah entry 5 Kebimbangan Isteri Saat di Ranjang -18 SX-
-->sbb byk info yg berguna utk suami-isteri...even topic ni (18SX)still 'taboo' kan dlm masyarakat

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Matjoe said...

byk nyerr gto kene beli

AJ said...

wah,byknya hadiah..tapi semuanya idea2 yang menarik...suka2...

thanks join contest....

P/s :suka tgk header blog awak,....satu keluarga yang gembira dan bahagia

Mama Zharfan said...

matjoe : byk pun sbb bday kan...and affordable/reasonable ;)

Eyriqazz : tq sbb dh check my entry
Alhamdulillah, memang I have one happy, sweet family :)


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