Saturday 22 May 2010


I'm joining the above contest which is due on 30 may.

The prize is kindly sponsored by Maz Collection.

here is my pic entry...

lil bit about the pic:
ni pic papa tgh suap zharfan mkn...masa ni we were having dinner at pizza hut the mines. 
zharfan suka minum mushroom soup, tp kalau mkn sendiri memang confirm tumpah, so papa tlg suapkan..
.me suka tgk pic ni sbb nampak sweet je...papa memang suka layan anak2...mkn, mandi main, gurau2, even tukar nappies pun papa tlg jugak kalau mama bz malas hehehhe 
pic ni diambil masa zharfan 2 years old :)

to join this contest, click HERE!

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