Sunday 2 May 2010

SukmaOn9Shop 1st year GIVEAWAY

As my sis’ birthday is coming near,
I'm preparing a wish list for her - forever my dear,
Online shopping spree of something special that's for sure...

SukmaOn9Shop is just a few clicks away,
Online shopping is really fulfilling - it makes my day!

Hijabs ala Ariani, with lovely awning
Good quality tudung I’m thinking of giving
Exclusive modern looks yet sweet and nice look
Lots of hijabsss…just click to book!!

Simply precious gift of love a girl, a Muslimah will ever need,
All the hijabs by An-Nurul collection are  fabulous and sweet,
Al-Nurul Printed Exclusive is lovely for me, a self treat,
A gorgeous tudung for my sis to enhance her appearance, nice and neat!

A shelf  full of hijabs for my sis I dream  to give,
So that she won’t run out of tudung in all colours,  as long as she shall live ;)
Filling the shelf should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
  has it all!!!!

That's not the end of my posting,
SukmaOn9Shop is currently having a GIVEAWAY - extremely interesting!!
Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?
2 helai tudung An-Nurul Printed Exclusive Terbaru bernilai RM90… I dream of winning ;)   

To know is to love..
Kenapa kena beli tudung kat SukmaOn9Shop ….
tak kenal maka tak cinta
sudah kenal bolehlah berbelanja – menutup aurat sopan bergaya :)

I do love SukmaOn9Shop …simply because…

the new site with uber cool layout,
the wide range of choice of hijabs and whatnot;
the fantabulous fashion-tudung buzz,
the coolest Muslimah trends and absolute musts;
the first of its kind,
the very cool kind;
a bunch of thanks for the giveaway
may you have a prosperous, successful business all the way!


1 comment:

Sukma SuKkma said...


Hi Mama Zarfan,

Terima kasih atas penyertaan kamu ya. Saya akan update senarai pemenang-pemenang selepas 12hb Mei 2010. Harap2 kamu antara pemenang ya :D. Buat masa ini, teruskan dengan :)

Sukmasary Suherman


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