Monday 17 May 2010

Go Go Green Cutest Baby Contest by Mama_Aqish

I'm joining the above contest, which is due on 13 june.

Details of the contest is available HERE!

Prizes are sponsored by Manjakusayang Collection and Little World Gallery.

--> i jd follower Mama Aqish tak ingat dh bila exactly, tp of course tujuan utama sbb nak join contest held at her blog. so me suka terjah her blog sbb selalu jer ada contest, even so far tak de rezeki to win pun lg..other than that, i suka jer baca her postings, sbb she is a blogger tegar yg memang posting regularly...byk info2 menarik and parenting related stuff that I like!! and me kagum (plus jeles jugak) tgk ramainyer follower Mama Aqish day me pun nak ada ramai2 follower like her ;) bila agaknyer tu :p

--> and sbb Mama Aqish pun suka join contest (dia siap buat blog khas for contest), so me share this passion with both of us are contest freak :p
enuff of story..

here is my pic entry..

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
DOB : 15/4/2009
Age : 13 months

~ni ariff pose in his green sweater, (sweater ni hadiah bday from one of my friends)...
actually ariff tak de byk baju hijau, so ni salah satu drp 3 bj hijau yg ariff ada ;)...
and background pun hijau ie green green grass @playground ni...
sbb tema contest ni HIJAU!"



Suziey Ahmad said...

comel:) good luck:)

nad said...

geramnya tgk si ariff ni :)
gud lux! :)

chekna said...

tomeinya dia senyum.. good luck ye!!

alinalan said...

geramnyer tengok Ariff, bam bam. suke senyum.. tu slalu murah rezeki.

anin said...

panjangnya rmbut boy ni...

ummi sofiyyah said...

salam kenal mama zharfan,
Banyak nampaknye dah menang hadiah...Good luck for this too...!
Cute Ariff...!!

Mama Zharfan said...

@suziey : tq dear

@Nad : tq tq

@chekna : tq :)

@Momma Mia : ada pic senyum ada jugak pic muka masam ;)

@anin : tu la...nak potong lusa kot kata papa ariff

@Ummi Sofiyyah : tq sbb sudi dropping by and left comment @my blog ;)


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