Friday 28 May 2010

Quick Update on some lil prizes recently received

Winning a contest or a giveaway is indeed a great joy, but the excitement is even more when the prizes that me won reach my hands..after some waiting...or even a longgggg waiting period (me still awaiting quite a number of small2 prizes that me won from blog contests...penantian satu penyeksaan :p :p)

Anyway, these are some of the prizes that me just received...all from blog contests...of course not ratusan ringgit in value, but sweet enough to cheer me up (sbb me tak dpt join contest2 best kat Msia thn ni...)

1) Pink Tudung from Sukmaon9shop contest (worth RM35) - i purposely requested pink kaler ;)

2) 2 pieces of t-shirt for my Zharfan & Ariff, won from MOBS &Joyful Kids Fashion Lucky Draw (worth RM60)

3) Another tudung from Anies E-shop won in its giveaway...this one goes to my mom, coz the green kaler (i dun have any baju in green..and because the tudung is pretty small in size...)

Alhamdulillah...winning something is always better than nothing ;)


tiefazatie said...

nice kak!tahniah!

Unknown said...

wah... chantek2...

Nia said...

tudung pink..u mesti suka tu kan..hehe.


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