Monday 31 May 2010

Ada apa dgn "L.U.C.K?"

Truthfully, when it comes to luck in lucky draw (not including lucky draw of blog contest) is not soo lucky...
meaning that me rarely win lucky draw ..
me remember attending  few parenting events in the past few years and usually there is lucky draw session for lucky visitors...the prizes are always tempting...
but me had no luck...even how much me wanna be one the lucky ones...*sigh*

in annual dinner event like the one held my my former employer (UOB) did once win a small prize (phone top up card)...but all the grand prizes bagged by some other stuff...and during family day event @UIA, i remember won a small lucky draw prize, leaving all those big-big prizes won by my colleagues *sigh*

so it always crosses my mind that...can the luck factor make us luckier?? especially in comping...

after some brief reading from some sources from Mr Google..this is my finding and conclusion..

the secret to winning sweepstakes is patience, persistence, and a positive attitude, luck certainly to some extent a contributing factor to do with it as well.

There's a research on this LUCK factor done by Dr Wisemen (source:

He found out that we are not born lucky, and we can control our luck (in some instances ..)

and here is The Four Essential Principles..

According to The Luck Factor, if we want to improve your luck, we should:
  1. Maximize Our Chances---meaning that try to join more and more contests...esp the one that the chances of winning is higher....the more difficult to join, the easier to less competitor..
  2. Listen to Our Instincts---yup..instinct does play a role...
  3. Expect to Be Lucky---be our words are also doa..
  4. Look on the Bright Side--if we win..never forget to share, or even give back to some needy..and.... even if we don't win..that should motivate us to try harder :)
The bottom line...just keep on trying, join as many contest as we could (targetting the one where the odd of winning is higher)...improving skills, make friends with more pro compers.. and last but not least, doa agar dimuarhkan rezeki...asa winning contest is part of rezeki :) :)
ni doa mohon murah rezeki


Nida n' Hanafi said...


Terima kasih kerna sudi berkongsi info.. mudah2an kita dilimpahkan rezeki oleh Allah dan dipermudahkan perjalanan kehidupan..aminnn

♥MAMA♥ said...

btul apa yg suzie ckpkn tu,apapun kite hanya mampu usaha & usaha selagi boleh..insyallah kalu ada rezeki kite alhamdulillah kn, apapun caiyok caiyok! yakin boleh!usaha selagi terdaya! (part lg best bile dpt tambh kwn2 baru kn..n gain some new experience...)

Mommyyus said...

betullh tu mama,kalau ade rezeki tak kemana. tapi saye kalau lucky draw ni memang xleh menang..hahaha,

CaDLyNN said...

tQ for the info kak! :)


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