Tuesday 18 May 2010

Mamaeja & JJC 1st Giveaway : Cutest Baby With Hat Contest

i'm joining the above contest, which is due on 17th june.

prizes are sponsored by JarumJahit Collection.

Here is my pic entry :

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
DOB : 15/4/2009
Mommy's name : Suzi
Email : suzie284@yahoo.com
Lil bit about the pic :
this pic was taken at a public park near Mama's University.
Ni first time Ariff naik swing, so dia sgt2 excited!! can see his expression in this pic!!

~Me baru je kenal blog Mama Eja ni, sbb nak join contest, tp me suka kaler pink background tu (me kan pink lover), and me suka sgt family pic kat bwh header blog tu...sooo sweet!!!~

details of the contest are available HERE!


♥MAMA♥ said...

hi suzie..so kiut arif! hihii cam best je ni,leh join gak ni ;-) gud luck kay,caiyok caiyok! ;-)

asfiedaimpiana said...

kak jom join GA kat http://kedaigambarkami.blogspot.com


mama eja :) said...

salam.. mama zharfan... ada satu lagi.. both banner dekat posting tu harap dapat link balik ke blog mamaeja n JJC ye :) yg lain semua ok :p

mama eja :) said...

ok.. LULUS!! :) gud luck ye..

Syida said...


Mama Zharfan said...

@MAMA : tq :) join jgn tak join :)

@as : GA yg u ckp tu most referral based, not my niche..i just join yg i rasa ada chance (even odd chance) to wn..kalau rasa memang tak leh win, no point of joining lor..

@mama eja :TQ harap2 ada rezeki to win :)

@Syida : tq dear :)

Mama Awisy said...

blogwalking too...


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