Monday 24 June 2013

Jerebu | take care

me copy paste dari FB

Message from someone who works for National Environment Agency and here's what she advises: Hi all, pls make sure that u keep all windows shut at all times n bathroom doors too. Wat u breathe in gets lodged deep in ur lungs n can't get out. It's the PM2.5 particulate matter that's dangerous
Make sure u cover your nose when outdoors

From someone who is doing phd in biochem , he said that these particulates (in the haze) are too tiny and they will bypass the hairy and mucous nose to lodge into the lungs. As these particulates are non-water solvent, they will stay in the lungs, will cause cells to mutate and potentially cancer cells can develop from there. So do take care and keep your children and elderly folks indoors. And wear N95 masks even though it's a short walk from home to car and office.

Please take care everybody!

Forwarded -Please bring a huge umbrella out  and avoid rain water at all cost... government is planning to seed the clouds to rain and according to my chemist friend, the rain water is harmful to human skin. So if u see rain falling.. stay indoor and dun rain dance around...

note : sek kat selangor & KL tutup ari ni--so me nak kena angkut my boys pegi ofis la nampknya :(

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jaga kesihatan :)


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