Thursday 29 October 2015

Happiness is...

it is for us to define happiness, and for us to create it within ourselves, in our life..after all, life is short to be wasted for unhappy stuff

for me as a lecturer--happiness is seeing my student's happy face..
last few days, I completed thesis marking for one masters students, and after final things done, I can see how elated she is when she came to see me (she is an international student)...i share her happiness--i know how it feels when our thesis is accepted and we got the masters/phd degree that we had strived for..

for me as a parent, happiness is giving my besh to my kids..seeing their happy faces..
ni port kami selalu lepak utk mkn..early dinner, right after i fetch all my 3 kids from their respective schools/places

for a comper (my hobby a.k.a side income)--happiness is when u heard or see somebody/contest organizer/comper frens said to u--congratulations for winning grand prize/first prize bla bla bla
comper = dream catcher--> so dare to dream
 sajer2 snap pic kat playground/games center @AEON alpha angle WM


another story..psl childhood dream...
everybody has 'child' element in their inner-self--e.g. childhood dreams..
my childhood dreams came true already--masa pegi disneyland paris in 2011 (4 yrs back)
mcm regret sbb tak beli /tak posing dgn head band mickey mouse hahahahah amusing/funny rite??!!! LOL

and this dream resurfaces sbb tgk my colleague (Dr A... with her family) pegi Disneyland Tokyo last few days...
Dr A ni sgt cute and currenytly she's the youngest lecturer in our faculty..
i cilok a pic form her fb--rasanya dia tak marah--kalau dia marah, later i delete hahahah

ok, since our desire/wishes are never ending (as long as we shall live kat dunia fana ni) --so now me mcm teringin nak pegi disneyland tokyo la plak hahahha laugh louder, work harder

ok nak tepek pic versi recycle--sbg pemangkin semangat gitu

see...dh posing2 dgn headband tp tak beli (tiba2 je kedekut time tu--now regret)--harga 10 euro (time tu convert jd RM48

@princess's castle in Disneyland--life is not a fairy tale anyway, but it's a great blessing if our childhood dreams come true..i was 4 yrs younger in this pic and was wearing tudung bawal--nowadays..dh bertahun2 kot i tak pakai tudung bawal--dh tak wujud/pupus pun in my wardrobe

dare to dream rite!!


juelee said...

sama la define happiness lain2 utk stp org kan, tp normally kita akan happy bila melihat org tersayang happy, akan happy bila kerja yg dilakukan berjaya.... heheheh..

all the best MZ

Rizziela said...

kejap ajer dah besar handsome boy

kayyana said...

Alhamdulillah kak.. Memang kdg kdg kegembiraan seseorang kita tak boleh nak jangka.. Macam yana, yana happy bila anak anak sihat gembira ceria..

Ezna Khalili said...

Dare to dream Suzz. Masa i gi Disneyland Anaheim i ada posing ngan Dania pakai cap Mickey Mouse dapat dari event kat Malaysia. Hehehe...Gigih packed dari Malaysia tu...

Wan Amira said...

maknanya kene tunggu next trip daaptkan headband.. surely dah mahal harganya :D


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