Thursday 19 November 2015

Nervousness is over

dh few days nervous sbb kena buat one task yg agak mencabar for me as lecturer yg mana not so senior compared to my other colleagues yg rata2 memegang title prof madya dan prof

alkisahnya our faculty has MOU with MACA ie akademi nak kena bg lecture utk officers from SPRM
there are 5 lecturers involved including we are given different session to deliver our lectures

why nervous??
nervous lah sbb jrg2 kot bg lecture kat officers yg mana ada senior officers gak ni
kalau present paper kat conference, the nervousness tu lain sikit
me pernah bg lecture kat DBKL, kat SME participants..pun nervous gak lah--tp that is citer last year and last few years

so my session was done yesterday...alhamdulillah!! it went ok, wpun not so smooth--sbbnya i had tough times lecturing in BM--memang all the time lecturing in English kat UIA and UKM..certain legal terms memang pyh nak translate to BM!! references pun majority in English slides memang in English cuma explanation mixed in BM and English

so my task is over!! challenging indeed once it's done, rasa satisfied, lega, puas ati gitu ;)
have a nice day everyone

ni bilik tempat me present semlm..1st time jejak kaki kat MACA tu..

1 comment:

zety said...

waaa tahniah mz berjaya mengatasi nervous & delivered your talk :)


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