Tuesday 7 January 2020

Some more snapshots @Glamz Genting Highlands

ni sambungan entry last week...nak upload pics (sambil selit2 story)

ni reception area (Dome for reception)

weolls ronda2 waktu ptg lps setel lepak2 posing2 dlm our Dome...so ni one of the spots..for stargazing katanya

now weolls menapak menuju cafe..sbb dpt 3 voucher to claim minum ptg--milo jer pun..can choose hot milo or cold ones

nice and lovely interior of the cafe

opposite the cafe ada bouncy castle for kids..tp masa ni just lps hujan, so basah lah kat situ..tak leh nak lepak2 or naik slide

that's' our iced milo..actually it is an ice-blended..so sgt sedappppp

cuaca sejuk tp tak mau minum hot milo hahhaha

ni one of the spots...meant for private event

ni Dome opposite the reception Dome..utk lepak..ada few games here..

unik kan

ni kat tepi/depan main Dome ie utk main event cthnya wedding reception, gathering etc

ni reception Dome from the other side

this is our Dome ie no. 02 Mercury

ada lagi few more pics (masa breakfast)--next entry

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Ezna Khalili said...

Nampak unik la kat sini Suzz...


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