Wednesday 17 February 2021

PKP extends | Looking from positive perspective

nampaknya tak tercapai hajat agar PKP 2.0 yg telah berlangsung selama sebulan ni tak gonna be extended for another 2 weeks... redho  ajer ... :(

since we have no option, we better look at PKP and its impact from positive perspective...

this is one of the impacts to me... my shopping list and priorities change now....sbb dh hampir setahun work from home (#wfh) ada byk benda yg tak pyh beli (compared sblm era wfh)...these are some of them.....

having said that... MZ masih sgt suka beli gold jewelleries...sbb it has the benefit of 'saving' - senang nak convert to cash gitu wpun not a really an investment for short term..sbbnya bila beli emas kat kedai, harga emas semasa dan includes upah (depend on brand/design/kedai), then bila nak jual within the same year or after two yrs cthnya. harga memang jatuh..pyh nak dpt harga yg kita beli ...tu jerlah disadvantagenya...
tp puas ati dpt pakai emas kan...kira the loss (of value) is covered in that way

have a nice Wednesday everyone!

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