Thursday 4 August 2022

12 weeks done

alhamdulillah, ari sabtu lps ie 30/7/22 was my final class utk masters in business law, total MZ ngajar 12 weeks ie 10 online classes and 2 face-to-face classes, of 3 hrs each session...MZ ngajar subject advanced contract law.. then all my students will be sitting for their exam on 6/8/22

so sempat lah snap pic sbg kenangan
i have 12 students this sem...multi races ni...ada 2 indians, 2 chinese and 8 malays, all working adults except 2 fresh undergrads...and among 12 students ni, 2 of them are practising lawyers who got their own business firm!!

actually ni kali kedua MZ ngajar subject ni, masa 1st time ngajar (last 2 yrs rasanya), I only had 4 students and classes were fully online (zmn MCO)

all the best my dear students!

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