Friday 24 February 2012

SOLD OUT -- Disney On Ice 2012 Tickets (4 pieces) for sale | almost 50% discount

update 25/2/2012 : SOLD OUT!!!

just now i dh terima 4 keping Disney On Ice Tickets--shownya kat Penang

details of the tix:

Price stated on each tix RM104.25 (price ni after discount 25%)

Date : 11/3/2012, time : 2.30 pm

Seat number :
Lower Tier, Block L5, Row E, Seat 9
Lower Tier, Block L5, Row E, Seat 10
Lower Tier, Block L5, Row E, Seat 11
Lower Tier, Block L5, Row E, Seat 12

I'm selling off at RM 60 per tix--kena amik all 4 tixs
if less that 4 tixs, I'm selling it at RM70

1st come 1st serve.
COD area gombak/KL.
if delivery, via poslaju, tapi cost will be borne by the buyer.

my email :
mobile : 012-9741376


AJ said...

jgn lupa advertise kan di lebih ramai potential buyer..

mama_umar_maryam said...

seb bek kt penang,heheheh..agaknye bile nk dtg kl lg show nih ek

eqbalzack said...

saya akan ke penang next month bawa mak & anak buah jalan2 ke sana. tapi kena tanya mak dulu dia nak join tak event ni..hehe

Cik Firus said...

waa bestnye..jom bace entry ni


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