Wednesday 30 September 2020

July, Aug, Sept

~for my personal record and quick reference only~


(1) 16/7- menang conso contest epay @Mydin, hadiah voucher RM100 (contest ni last year lg heheh tiba2 dpt call ckp menang voucher RM100)-dh selamat terima vouchernya on 22/9.20

(2) 17/7- mr hubby dpt wasup mesej katanya terpilih as one of winners utk contest guardian, hadiah will be sent out after 6-8 weeks (suspens la plak haahhah)

(3) 22/7- menang LED mirror from contest garnier (ada 100 winners utk contest ni). MZ antar 2 nama so dpt lah 2 buah cermin (dh selamat terima on 14/8/20 & 17/8/20)


(1) 6/8- nama mr hubby sangkut conso utk contest hansaplast FB, hadiah gift card miniso RM50, dh selamat terima gift cardnya on 23/9/20

(2)10/8- surprise!! tiba2 MZ dpt email from watsons..MZ terpilih as one of 10 winners utk contest watsons member contets bln Feb..dpt MAS enrich miles (hadiah asal flight tix to Korea)
dh selamat terima on 3/9/20

(3) 13/8- mr hubby shortlisted as one of winners utk contest adidas dh post out receipt for verification on 14/8...dh selamat terima hadiahnya on 5/9/20 ie dpt gym bag brand adidas

28/8 - menang 2nd prize contest loreal..dpt sony headphone (2x)..dh selamat terima on 6/10/20


(1) 7/9- menang weekly prize contest minyak masak aliff, hadiah vou RM100-dh selamat terima on 22/12/20

(2) nama mr hubby dpt conso contest colgate ramadhan @watsons --hadiah vou watsons RM50, then nama MZ pun sangkut hadiah yg sama ie e-vou watsons RM50

(3) 14/9 mr hubby dpt wasup suruh dtg collect hadiah. so dh settle collect hadiahnya on 15/9..rezeki sangkut 2nd prize contest dare to be bold adidas. 

(4) dpt conso prize utk contest carrie junior--memang hamper products ajer...dh selamat teria hampernya on 22/10/2020.

(5) 26/9-dpt call from Yati P&G that MZ menang conso contest P&G @mr diy. utk conso prize sgt ramai winnersnya ie 300 org. anyway syukur alhamdulillah ada gak rezeki menang something from P&G sbb dh berkurun kot nama MZ tak sangkut apa2 hadiah utk contest under P&G (dh selamat terima on 13/10/2020)

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