Thursday 3 September 2020

Our Kingdom-themed room at Legoland Hotel

ni kali ketiga weolls overnite kat hotel ni, masa 1st time, weolls stayed kat pirate themed room, 2nd time, rupa2nya weolls dh stay kat themed yg sama mcm our third time ni ie kingdom themed --siyes tak perasan hahah we should have requested for adventure themed room..ok next time (kalau ada rezeki)

so just nak tepek all the pics posing2 lps checking in

wpun bkn 1st experience but the excitement was still there..what more sbb sponsored vacation kan (hadiah contest)

double decker bed ni boleh accommodate 3 pax razeen tido dgn MZ kat double bed, so memang terlebih one single bed jadinya hhahahah

showing off the lego gift --memang it comes as room package..kena solve puzzle dulu..rasanya standard answer my boys dh sedia hafal semua jawapan so laju jer dpt bukak peti harta karun tu utk collect gift

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