Friday 11 September 2020

My 4th experience | Pakai implant ie IMPLANON

ni cycle ke4 MZ pakai implanon ni...expires every 3 yrs...1st time pakai masa dok UK, then 2nd time pakai kat KBMC, 3rd time ie masa umur razeen 3 thn, kat LPPKN selayang, then 4th time last month, also kat LPPKN Dr Baiti (cantik dan soft spoken orgnya)
it costs me RM600 (RM500 to insert the new one, RM100 to remove the old one)

walaupun pakai implant ni ada side effect, tp ni jer antara the best family planning choice yg convenient dgn MZ.. so far hasilnya effective alhamdulillah dgn izin Allah jua..

anyway side effect varies from one person to another...for MZ, jd prolong menses tp hadap jerlah
Allahumaa yassir aamiin

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