Sunday 24 May 2009

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Hence, the following posting is my entry for Bonda's Day Contest @ SARAKIDS.

I love this quote: Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you've had a baby... that somebody doesn't know that once you're a mother, "normal" is history.

I still remember every single thing of those 9 sweet months of my first pregnancy...
#that my tummy was not that big - hence I didn't buy any maternity wear! In total I only gained 12 nice
#I didn't have any morning (or even afternoon or evening :) sickness. Thanks God!
#that I was suffering from'premature contraction' at fifth month, and was admitted to Selayang Hospital for few nites and Hospital Kota Bharu for some more nites..finally the pain completely gone like miracle after I went to have a massage/treatment with traditional expert bidan kampung.
#that I couldn't stand to smell all kinds of perfumes, though I'm a perfume lover.
#that I gave birth to my Zharfan exactly on the expected due date ie 24th May 2005.
#that I felt so totally amazed at myself after giving birth. It was so hard and yet very rewarding. I was almost 'forcep' when I was almost giving up in pushing out during the labour..Thanks God, it was a normal birth.


I didn't manage to breastfeed successfuly until the first 2 weeks after giving birth.
I breastfed my Zharfan until he was 1 1/2 years old, though not exclusively.
My lunch hours were all spent to breastfeed my Zharfan and to have playtime with him.
Based on my personal experience, breastfeeding is a very effective and healthy way to lose weight, other than to create a lovely mother-baby bonding!

Being pregnant and being a mother is one of the greatest blessings and joys in a woman's true it is.
Everytime I see m boy, I see myself in his looks..I want time to slow down,so i can enjoy being with him more before he grows up and leaves home.I wouldn’t swap my mother-and-baby years for anything in this world...being away from him for 7 months (Sept 2007-March 2008) was the hardest part for me to endure..(that was the main reason I started to have this blog initially, to express my loneliness while I was in UK)


Somebody said your mother knows you love her, so you don't need to tell her... that somebody isn't a mother. How true the quote is.. it always makes me feel good and brightens up my day whenever I gave a hug and a peck at my mommy's cheeks..

She is the other greatest blessing in my life.Indeed, I have been blessed with a mother who has been a source of love, support, strength, and friendship my entire life. When I was facing challenges as a small child, she was there. When I experienced success, she was there. Even now as an adult, she is still here, a constant source of support, love, encouragement, and empathy in my life.

pics taken at anugerah penghargaan buat ibu event held by seri dewi keluarga-karangkraf in 2007

Happy birthday my little prince! I love you oh so very much.
And a very Happy Mother's Day to you all (since it's still May) especially my Mom; Hajjah Karimah Yusof, I love you and miss you Mom, thanks for all you have done.

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
24th May 2009
11 am


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

happy belated besday Zharfan...bila baca posting u...tiba-tiba teringat my mum...hua...hua....anyway suzie tak sabar nak tunggu 2 jun ni...u kan balik kl...anyway your father ok dah??? harap your father beransur pulih

Pija Madzlan said...

Tahniah, Pemenang pertama sarakids!!!

SyahNur said...

tahniah jugak! mmg awak patut menang.. entry yg best!


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