Monday, 25 January 2010

Contest - Saat Indah Itu

Mrs Zaidi is having the above on the banner or HERE for further info..

I'm here is my entry..

My wedding date : 16th July 2004
Spouse's name : Mr Rohisham
Our jewels of heart : Zharfan & Ariff

Answering contest question : Tarikh pernikahan Wana & Eddie : 24 Nov 2007

Here is our happy family pic..

My short love story..

well..we had our first date sometime in Feb 2004, and after series of dating (tapi tak de lah byk sgt pun), we decided that YESSS...we are destined for each we tied our knot 5 months after the first date!! pretty fast huh tak bertunang pun..but that is what people call 'JODOH'..

o yess...I fell in love with my hubby masa first date tu...but of course I kept it in my heart(takkan nak ckp pulak kan..) well..cupid's dart seems to beat to his heart too...he said he also fell in love with me the same time I felt that 'feeling' here we are...dah kawin 5 tahun lebih pun...

my hubby and my kids are the most special person in this world (other than my mom & dad)...coz he is my soul partner..and my kids complete my life..truly

hubby did sacrifice a lot...especially his career..first he resigned and cari keje near my workplace(leaving his good-paid-job right after we got married), and now hubby resign accompany me to study...a GREAT sacrifice which is not an easy one for a MAN I believe..

one more thing...hubby has been helping a lot with house work and chid care..I really appreciate what he has been doing for me...Thanks God for sending my hubby with all his love for me & kids..

last but not least..

this contest offers an attractive prize to ONE winner ie 2 days 1 nite stay at Seri Costa Hotel Malacca on Valentine day!! soooo romantic!!

Mama Zharfan


Ena said...

Wahh.. memg happy family.. cantekk la pic tu.. btw,, gd luck yeh!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

love your sweet..gluck suzz

Mama Zharfan said...

tq Ena & Ayu ;)

♥ ♥ said...

wah, eira suka sgt warna it..


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