Wednesday 26 February 2020

Because of Covid-19 | Hard decision

actually, MZ and kids plan to travel to Seoul on 13/3/2020 sempena cuti sek..
tp as at pagi ni (pukul 10 am), my travel guide (org msia ) yg dok kat korea updated that kes Covid-19 kat sana dh lebih 1k..death 11 case
wpun bkn kat seoul, ie kat tempt nama Daegu, tp it makes me scary
travelling with kids, and my boys memang ada asthma, batuk, selsema

so with a heavy heart, semlm memang MZ dh buat decision nak cancel the trip
so just now, dh wasup travel agent to proceed with refund tix AA..dpt 70% value tix katanya
then contact host airbnb..dia kata kalu cancel now, dpt 50% refund..

sekadar gmbr boys are my world..i can't take the risk to travel pada musim2 virus merebak seluruh dunia ni

apa2 pun health is the top priority
moga2 dipermudahkan segala urusan kita semua..aamiin

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