Tuesday 30 June 2020

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~for personal record only~


(1) 9/4 - menang weekly prize contest pocky, hadiahnya touch n go e-wallet RM20 each, dpt 3 nama so dpt lah RM60, terus setel guna buat bayar bila astro

(2) 13/4- menang contest airwick, dpt voucher tesco (2 nama)..dh selamat terima e-vouchernya on 28/5/2020

(3) 16/4 - menang conso prize contest indomi (fb), dpt e-voucher tesco RM50 (settled redeemed on 29/4/2020)

(4) 17/4- menang weekly prize contest dutch lady (nama MZ & hubby, and w3 dpt gak nama niece)..hadiah vouchers courts mammoth, semua dh selamat terima lps pkp (18 june)


(1) 1/5- menang weekly prize utk contest planta,...belum dpt lg vouchernya

(2) 5/5 - menang contest nutella - hadiah set corelle, dh selamat terima hadiahnya via kurier (sangkut 2 nama)

(3) 13/5- menang weekly prize contest nescafe @petronas, hadiah touch n go e-wallet RM50.


(1) 1/6- menang hamper hada labo products (mz & hubby) dh selamat terima on 8/6

(2) 9/6- shortlisted as one of 4 winners utk contest loreal-watsons..kena antar resit via poslaju (dh antar on 10/6)..dh selamat terima hadiah vouchernya on 30/6/20 via citylink..and dh selamat cuti2 langkawi on 17-19/7/2020

(3) 9/6- menang handbag from contest good virtues - dh selamat terima on 13/6

(4) 15/6- menang conso prize contest enchanteur - hadiah hamper value RM100..result published kat FB..dh selamat terima hadiahnya on 8/9/20 (via gdex)

(5) 19/6-nama mr hubby shortlisted as one of winners utk contest glade @petronas..so nak kena antar resit via poslaju..then nama MZ pun sangkut gak for shortlisted, dh settled pos resit (they received on 30/6)..anyway, both of us dpt conso prize jer, dh selamat terima hadiahnya on 17/7/2020

(6) then nama MZ shortlised gak utk contest glade yg open (MZ beli kat tesco)..kena pos resit, masalahnya resitnya dh faded..so tawakkal jer lah.. (dh selamat pos dan diterima oleh organizer on 30/6/20).MZ menang conso prize ie hamper glade..dh selamat terima on 21/7/20

(7) suprise winning.... 24 june 2020 dpt call (and later wasup) to collect prize utk contest colgate-aeon big..last year lagi contest ni (ie dh sent resit on 27/11/2019, then senyappp jer...hahahha) tup tup dpt call suruh dtg collect..ingatkan dpt conso prize ie voucher RM50, rupa2nya dpt iRobot ie one of GP winners. alhamdulilah..rezeki

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