Wednesday 16 March 2022

Finally ftf classes after 2 years

It has been 2 years since MZ start ngajar fully online ie since PKP/MCO in March 2020..
and  finally...on 14th March 2022, MZ dh start buat face to face (FTF) ie utk tutorial classes.

new semester for UIA starts last week lagi, tp last week, MZ just fokus on lecture--so far all my lectures are still conducted online sbb I have around 50 students in one class, so tak de venue yg besar kat my faculty utk observe SOP physical distance dlm kelas
utk tutorials, boleh buat FTF sbb student less than 20 (around 13-15) in each session

ni tutorial class on monday 14/3 ie my 1st ftf class after 2 years!!!

ni tuto class semlm 15/3--students tgh buat discussion utk jawab soalan yg diberi

pagi semalam MZ ada students' disciplinary hearing kat office legal adviser (OLA)--so MZ menapak dari AIKOL ke OLA...sempat la snap2 pic ni

sempat selfie jugak sblm attend hearing tuuuu

salam hari rabu!
alhamdulillah, MZ dh abih kelas utk hari ni, tgh buat keje kat lappy sambil tulis entry jap


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