Saturday 29 December 2007

I cried again...

I thought I have been stronger as the day goes by, and it has been more than 3 month since I arrived here..but this morning,again my tears rolled down my cheek...just because my baby is down with fever and diarrhea..

The last time I called my boy ie last 3 days, he was ok...and I purposely tried not to call him as frequent as usual, because sometimes being a little boy, he does not feel like talking to me over the phone if I call him too often..but then my mom told me that my Zharfan has been waiting for my call, calling my name, and kept on dialing his toy phone as if he was calling me..

Knowing all these things, and hearing his cheerful voice over the phone made me crying...I miss him soooo baby sang the Barney song to me, recited 'doa makan' , counted 1 to 10, and even surprised me by singing the 'happy birthday to you' rythm - the first time he sang this song.

Only a mother would know the feeling of another mother, like what I'm going through now...
"Ya Allah, please place my beloved Zharfan under your blessings, care and 'rahmah' always, and protect him from any illness.."

illal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
5.50 pm

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mizayusof said...

berjauhan dengan keluarga mesti sedih kan. tambah2 sis ada nak kecik macam zharfan ni. tak dapat bayangkan perasaan sis macam mana sorang2 kat UK. hmmm


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