Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Something to smile about...

Nothing lights up my life more than a huge cheeky grin from my little one.. the moment to talk to my little darling over the phone has always been my most awaited moment - to hear his sweet voice, "baby talk" language..

Today when I called my Zharfan, he was not in that jovial mood to talk to me, but he did utter to me that "papa naik aeroplane..". I know he misses his Papa so much, and that's the way he expresses to me that how much he wants to be with me and his Papa...

so am I, and I miss my boy for every single second..

ilal liqa'
mama zharfan
5.05 pm

1 comment:

mizayusof said...

comelllllllllllllllllnya :)


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