Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I miss them...

yes...i miss my baby and my hubby...

" u know how much i miss u... try to catch the rain drops...those that u catch is how much u miss me..but those that u left is how much i miss u...."

in the morning, i called TH travel & tours in Kl to inquire about my air ticket. To my surprise, they have yet to receive the instruction from UIA. when I called UIA, it is apparent that the letter of instruction is still on the way, as it was posted via ordinary mail - the delay is attributed to the CNY long holidays. *sigh*
I need to get the confirmation soonest possible before I could proceed to buy another MAS ticket for me to fly to my hometown, and then from KB -KL with my Zharfan and my parents, and then my parents to go back to KB... lots of things to be done, so I really need the confirmation from TH travel!!!

Ilal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
4.55 pm

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