Monday 24 June 2019

Because I love my work...

..and it's my blissful life..alhamdulillah

just nak tepek some pics (for futute viewing) yg mana related to work...

ni group sblm bermula one of series of roundtable discussion (RTD) on parliamentary reform --MZ kena monitor/co-ordinate sbb part of research work of AIKOL...

ni MZ jd chairperson utk another RTD (on river pollution)

ni plak gmbr masa jamuan raya organized by IIUM Alumni..MZ posing wefie dgn director of IWON merangkap junior MZ ni..

ni gmbr masa MZ attended half-day seminar on Open Data (on 20/6/19)...kebetulan 3 of us pakai bj pepel and seats pun kaler pepel hahahhha

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