Thursday 11 July 2019

Tema cream | Countdown to two events

July is such a blissful month..'s the month i tied the knot with my other half..that was 15 years ago! (160704)

and it happened that, my niece will also be tying up her knot with her man..also in weekend (190719--nice date wowww)

so MZ and boys will be flying home to attend the akad nikah ceremony (hrp2 sempat la sbb majlisnya waktu pg..flight MZ pun pagi tu jugak) and also the wedding --a day after akad nikah

and family members nak kena pakai ikut tema...
tema akad nikahnya kaler cream...MZ plak mcm tak de bj kaler cream yg boys lg lah tak de bj kaler gigih lah mencari

syukur dh setel dah

beli dari FB seller jer ni..

ni beli kat parkson OU..brand kickers

Lovely floral design card

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