Monday 7 September 2020

Happy birthday dear mr hubby a.k.a papa for my boys

yesterday 0609 was mr hubby's 46th birthday

we had a birthday dinner on 5th Sept eve at Concorde Hotel KL to celebrate his special day...

this is our OOTD...mine revaline kurung by leeyanarahman, mr hubby is black shirt (dapper club) bought from AEON

wefie dlm keta

singgah quill city mall utk ronda2 jap..this is our 1st time being here

ni kat lobby Concorde Hotel KL

and short video taken during the dinner

and yesterday which was exactly the day he was born...we had ronda2 jln2 at the mines shopping centre

weolls naik mines cruise..tixs RM25 for adult, RM15 for kids

actually mines ni tmpt me & mr hubby dating zmn muda2 ie masa mula2 kenal/sblm bila posing berdua ni mcm mengimbas zmn silam pulak

and these are some short videos taken during the cruise

my doa for my beloved husband on his birthday..

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