Thursday 17 September 2020

Another photobook!

If I remember correctly, my 1st photobook was the one I did/created masa zharfan masih baby, which was roughly 14 or 15 yrs back...
and until now
i gigih counted all the photobooks on the shelves..
yg standard size (8.5x12 ) ada 10,
yg non-standard size ie yg kecik2/square size etc ada 17
so total so far dh ada 27 photobooks with various themes ...all to preserve memories!
ada photobooks yg MZ ordered masa kat notts...kat sana harga relatively sgt murah compared dgn harga kat msia

yg kat msia..dulu2 ada company nama phototalkz..
ada yg MZ menang contest (photobook from magz intrend unders astro, from contest johnson2 photobook from de one studio, photobook from blog contest -kedai gmbr kami, photobook from fujifilm contest etc etc)
now MZ byk ordered photobooks from pixajoy

ni latest one...photobook cuti2 legoland..cuma ni cuti2 ber4 ie MZ and boys, sbb mr hubby tak dpt cuti so tak join our holiday ni


mummy_ayu said...

sama la..Ayu pun suka wat photobook..either with pixajoy atau pun dgn phtobook Malaysia. tapi ayu wat yg kecik je 6 x 6 tu.. bila rindu2 or bosan2 takde keja, layan belek photobbok...

AzianKhalil said...

Photobook sekatang dah banyak pilihan... tak macam mula mula keluar dulu. Harga pun tak mahal sangat.


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