Monday 3 March 2008

Carboot again ;)

I joined Farizah & Fadzil to Derby carboot sale today. Nothing specific in mind to buy, just wanna have a stroll & window shopping, rather than being alone in my room. I end up buying a cute Mickey Mouse Toaster!! Then we went to Corwick carboot as Farizah wanna buy a tot car seat for her boy.

We dropped by at Kak Mai's house as she's leaving for Msia tonite - that adds to my excitement seeing her hubby & friends busily packing and weighing the bulky bags for her!!! Can't wait for turn to go back to Msia - which is just another 2 weekends away ;)

Lunch as usual at Farizah's house - yummy spagehetti mee soup- my fav!! Thanks Farizah- I gonna miss your cooking..

I gave my hubby a short phone call while I was at Asda - he said that life's so dull being alone without me and our Zharfan around...I keep on telling him that it's just another 2 weekends, then everything will be back as usual - our happy family together again!!

Ilal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
5.00 pm

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