Thursday, 13 March 2008

Final meeting

It's a great relief after the meeting with Prof Torremans ended at 2.40 pm...Alhamdulillah, the work here is done :)

In the morning, I called up my niece, Ila to congratulate her for an excellent result in SPM- she got 12A (9A1 and 3A2) - repeating our family academic excellence.I pray that her ambition to become a dentist (so that she could inherit her papa's clinics) will become true, Insya Allah.

My hubby gave me sms, asking me to wake him up early tomorrow morning because he's got to work outstation to JB tomorrow morning...

Final countdown : 9 MORE DAYS to go!!!

Ilal liqa'
Mama Zharfan
4.15 pm

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